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    The Sims 2 DS


    Driving around the world and and being chased by some bad people, with guns, when the sim lands in this small town, hideing, but they find the sim, and kill everyone, time to fight back so kill them, then it is time to rebuild. NOT! That would have been cool, but what really happens is, the sim breaks down in this town and gets a note; the note says he must rebuild (I like mine more). You will meet some Crazy people on your way to the end, but it will keep you wanting to play more, and keep you coming back.

    Game Play

    Built in clock. (Real time)

    Good Things about Real time Clock.

    The game will use this do missions by real time, that means if there is a guest (you are in control of a hotel) stuck in the freezer, it will give a time that needs to be met to get him out, if its 9:01 it will need to have him out by 10:01 a neat feature, that more games could use.

    Bad things about real time Clock.

    There are something that are a bit odd because of the real time clock, owning a hotel some missions need rooms to built (which is another neat feature) but it really takes 8 hours to build which can get boring. Sure after some rooms have been built its not all that bad, but to start the game it is kind of slow.

    There is a shop to go to buy things and every month there is a new item but once again haveing to a month, which means no new video game to put in the hotel for a while.


    Catch Bad Guys

    Yes you read right, you can go all super hero and save your town and no one will know it is Mr. Sim. Put on the Rat man suit, and use all the rattness to save the town from the mafia. This has to be one of the best parts of the game.


    Once the hotel has some cash it can open new rooms in the hotel one of the rooms is a painting room for sims to showcase there work. After there is some painting they can be sold; sometimes the Sims love what there is; other times they will buy it just so they can burn it, really they call you up and say they hate it, then buy it. Hey what ever you still get some cash.


    owning a hotel there will be people that will come and stay from time to time, there is have a set number of rooms, all have a set base price, but if new items are put in the price will rise, all the Sims that stay, will stay for a few nights and when they leave if met on that day there will be a bonus. It a great time to make sure all your rooms are full.

    Fight Aliens

    Kick E.T.'s ass, no not really, there is this space King that wants the town for some reason, and will come with friends and attack the town from time to time, time to get out that handy water gun (everyone has one in there back pocket don't you) and start shooting, the town will give some money when the day is saved.

    Many more things ask to know more but there are many more things to do I will list the rest.

    Metal Detector.

    Alien Fossils.


    Random Missions from other Sims.

    Print Money.

    And as always Sell things


    Movement is dont with the D-Pad a first for Sims, no more mouse. also the touch screen is used to do most of the work, but it all feels nice and easy to make the move from Touch to D-Pad

    Graphics and Sound

    It also is the first Sims game on a handheld to go 3d; the graphics are early 64 for the DS a great look and feel to it. The sound has a great mix in it, also there is the ability to make custom own songs, also you can Record voice for a short time, the Sim talk is great, get a pair of headphones and get ready to laugh.

    Lasting Appeal;

    After the games story is over you can keep playing it, this is on one you will put in every now and then to check on how your Sims are doing, and what is going on with life, just like the PC one.

    Its fun! Like said before, pop it in just to see what is going on, with all that is going on, there is more game here then most Consols.

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    My review of your review: It isn't bad, and there are some clever or funny parts. I recommend you show things you write to other people for proofreading, though (it's very hard for people to proofread their own things -- your eyes just sort of slide over the actual text and read what you intended, missing lots of minor errors.) Or at least run a spellchecker over it (copy it into word or use Google Toolbar or something) -- that's easy, and there are a few errors in there that a spellchecker could easily catch. There's many things they miss, too (they can't help with grammar), but it's better than nothing.

    ...well, I hope that wasn't out of line. But it's just an idea if you want your reviews accepted next time. It seems a shame to go to the trouble of writing them and then having to post them here because of a few grammar / spelling issues... those are easy to fix.

    (Ok, I'll be honest: More than a few grammar / spelling issues. But, still, they can be fixed with copyediting.)
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    I'd have to say that besides the spelling/grammar issues, a big problem there is the categorizing, and seperation of different areas. You can use BBCode, right? If so, use it, it's a hell of a lot better than seperated text paragraphs, and does a lot more justice, especialy when the review is as lengthy as this one.
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    p.s. JPH said that you CAN put them in the review section
    (just not of the Temper Post. they have enough i finkk)
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