Hacking Removing CIOSCorp


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Nov 13, 2009
Hi, I have been searching for answers to this and it has left me quite unclear on how to proceed

My wii has 3.2E (taken from system settings) I had installed mii_wii 0.54 previously. I had removed preloader 0.29 and was planning to install bootmii (I had not realized the will coexist). On installing bootmii, I get the message Bootmii can not continue, no vulnerable IOS.

This comes from CIOSCorp being installed. so I hunt for instructions on removing it. discover Any_Region_Changer will do the trick and run that, leaving all settings alone, every thing is set to UK, PAL and Europe select go to reinstall 3.2E. I get an error Error! ES_OpenTitleContent (ret = -1026) and when it completed the 1st IOS (15 parts) on starting the next one (9 parts) it have an error code -1026, then gave an error after install this IOS. then any button to continue. Back at the ARC menu I have "WARNING: AREA/Sysmenu MISMATCH" and installed region "."

I exited anyhow and it brought me back to the system menu, tho the disc channel (has WiiFit in) that just says "System Update" instead of the title graphics for WiiFit in the disc channel preview. I am going to reinstall Preloader to give me some protection against potential bricks.

This is where the confusion lies in rectifying this. some people say use NSU other use DOP? Which is the best option?

Do just use Ninentdo's official method of updating to 4.2E? are there any risks of Bricking my console?

Use DOP-IOS? from what I have read it updates to the latest version of that IOS, would this not cause issues having partial 3.2E and 4.2E IOSes? or can the version be selected?

Will the Safely Install V4.2 as in this thread work to upgrade and remove CIOSCorp? http://gbatemp.net/index.php?showtopic=184057

or upgrading to the latest CIOSCorp then using the uninstaller for it?

Hopefully some kind soul will be able to help me cure this quickly and easily.


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