Remedy's Looking to Hire For a Next-Gen Project

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    More Alan Wake news? From Gahars? It's more likely than you think.

    So yeah, the long story of Alan Wake is pretty well known by now. Remedy spent years working on the game for Microsoft, trying to get everything perfect in their tale about an author, his work, and the dark presence that preys upon them. It was released to critical acclaim (Time Magazine even named it their game of the year)... but no one bought it.

    Yeah, it turns out that releasing your psychological thriller right before a Rockstar Games juggernaut (Red Dead Redemption) wasn't a smart move on Microsoft's party.

    However, there's an upside to this story; the game slowly picked up a devoted cult following, and attracted enough attention to warrant an XBLA half-sequel and a PC port (which performed incredibly well). The prospects for this franchise suddenly became a whole lot brighter.

    And then, Remedy posted this on their forum.

    Source: Alan Wake Community Forums

    Seeing how Alan Wake is Remedy's sole focus right now, I think the implication is pretty clear. Excuse me while celebrate a little.

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    I expect great things from the new team (that will hopefully arrive)

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    I guess I could just say Welcome to Finland to all possible applicants :)

    Remedy Entertainment is a pretty amazing group and the team spirit is quite amazing from what I've seen^^