region locked wifi? and some of my friend codes :D

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    ok first of i heard some games like monster hunter and valhalla nights are not only wii region locked but also WIFI region locked? as in if i had a freind in say japan and i was in ireland i couldnt play valhalla knights or monster hunter with him? is this true? also if it is, then is there anywhere i can get a list of such games? (obviously im not talking about importing it from japan to play on my console im talk about region locked servers the way wow does it, so that PAL/NTCS-U/NTSC-J friend codes cant connect together)

    secondly my friend codes (all wii (with regions))

    Valhalla Knights Eldar Saga (NTSC-U)
    FC: 0734-0472-5657
    Name: Dan

    Animal crossing city folk (pal)
    FC: 4943-1135-7405
    Town: Dunboyne
    Name: Dan

    Monster Hunter Tri (NTSC-U)
    FC: X4HRF7
    Name: Dan

    FC: 8017 5902 1653 3634
    Name: Danny boy

    badly need wifi freinds for my wii games XD
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    There are various reasons for games to be region-locked, of which incldue;

    1.) Problems/concerns with lag. If the game itself lags a lot when in communication with players overseas, then including support to play with them would be a serious marketing problem. Example is Super Mario Strikers and Mario Sports Mix, both of which you're constantly moving a lot of characters on-screen every moment.

    Super Smash Brothers Brawl's wifi is terrible because it was *supposed* to be region-locked, but I guess they really wanted to have the ability to play with everyone.

    2.) Game differences in regions. Some regions have content included/excluded, things censored/changed, and lots of other things that would just crash the game when going online with someone in a different region. Example is Tatsunoko VS Capcom, where the Japanese version excludes Joe the Condor.

    Never understood why they don't just bother with making a real "international" mode that is optimized for international play, but I suppose that's what the new Nintendo Network will be for...