R4i sdhc(and R4i sdhc 3DS) New firmware V1.46b released

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    R4i sdhc and r4i adhc 3ds flashcard firmware has been updated to V1.46b from the official site: r4i-sdhc.com

    Changelog quote

    R4i V1.46b Update:
    1. Added adjustable save file size features without damage save file.
    2. Fix "save not found error" by some low quality SD card.
    3. Added disable update feature to avoid card been accidently update.
    If firmware was latest version update will not be allow,
    or goto "config/config" to manually disable update.
    4. Improve unkown new games loading routine (to avoid white screen, soft-reset problem).
    5. Improve some old games loading speed.
    6. Display change:
    ?a. Power off button move to main config screen.
    ?b. 2 line display of game name.
    ?c. Solved display bug of save date = 0
    ?d. Solved display bug of cheat items.
    ?e. Fix display error (translation and symbols error) of multilanguage.
    7. WIFI Engine update to 1.05
    ?- Support new skins features.
    8. Fix soft-reset "NO CARD" error.
    9. Solved games:
    5838 - Phineas and Ferb: Across the 2nd Dimension (EU)
    5836 - Pucca Power Up (US)
    5835 - Kirby Mass Attack (US)
    5832 - Cars 2 (EU)
    5830 - Harvest Moon: The Tale Of Two Towns (US)
    5297 - Tomodachi Collection (v1.1) (JP)


    official site:

    R4i sdhc V1.46b
    R4i sdhc 3ds V1.46b


    R4i sdhc V1.46b
    R4i sdhc 3ds V1.46b
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    you know you could just pressed add new version to my upload