R4i 3DS - R4DS WOOD, Bought from modchipsdirect. Not working on 3DS FW 9.5.0-23

Discussion in 'R4 DS' started by mckenziesdaddy, Mar 22, 2015.

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    R4i 3DS - R4DS wood today, I googled wood firmware and extracted it and put it on my Sd card. The card shows up as some JPN region game. But once I hit start, The screen flashs white and then goes black. I tried popping the card in a DSLite to see if maybe it was the DS, But the DS doesn't even read the card. What am I doing wrong. I just noticed my 3DS is on 9.5.0-23U. I guess thats why it isn't working. Am I right? I went here
    and I downloaded the newest kernel v1.81, and dragged everything in the zip to my SD card and the same thing. Can someone walk me through this?
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    Which website is written at your R4?