Quick and Easy Noob Guide to Setting up an EZFlash 4


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Aug 10, 2007
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I had already posted this in another topic, but decided to put it up here for future reference for anyone who wants a quick and easy guide to setting up an EZFlash 4 to play GBA games, so here it is (*Note: This guide is the setup to use for GBA games ONLY! If you want to use the EZ4 to play NDS games, look elsewhere.):

Before you do anything, however, make sure you charge the EZFlash 4's battery by leaving it in a turned on plugged DS/GBASP/GBMicro for 6-8 hours. Meanwhile, download this loader and the EZ4 Client and make sure you format your SD card with Panasonic's SD card formatter to FAT. After the battery is charged, place the loader on the root of your SD card, place the SD card back into the EZ4 and run it by holding the R button on your DS/GBASP/GBMicro while turning it on. After it's finished writing to the EZ4, you can start patching your games with the EZ4 client. Make sure your SD card is connected to your computer first, then have the client point to your SD card so you can write the games to it after patching.

*If you're going to have more than 50 games on your cart, it's best to make folders to separate them so you'll be able to see them all.
*Also make sure you rename your games with shorter filenames as to reduce the chance for save errors.
*(For Pokemon players) If you want an error free Pokemon playing experience, make sure to do the following:
  • For Ruby/Sapphire, make sure you have a clean rom, remove the MUGS intro if necessary by applying one of the patches found here, *trim it, and apply the clock fix with GBATA but don't apply the SRAM patch with it!. Run the clock-fixed file in the EZ4 client, but don't apply the reset patch.
    For Fire Red/Leaf Green/Emerald, again, make sure you have a clean rom, *trim it with GBATA (make sure not to SRAM patch it!) and run the rom through the EZ4 client without applying the reset patch. (if your wondering why I'm telling you to run Emerald this way, it's because the clock fix can't be applied with GBATA on it and as far as I know there's no patch made for it yet, so even though you'll get the error message about time-based events at the beginning of the game, it will save fine.
    *trimming will allow you run the games through the PSRAM instead of having to burn them to the NOR first*
Once you're done, place the SD card back in the EZ4, load it up, and everything should start up fine. Also, if you want to burn a large game to the NOR memory, select the game you want to burn and press Select and confirm with A (it's slow writing, but the game will load faster) then when you want to erase it, just go to the game you wrote and press Select and confirm with A. Enjoy

*If you want to use different skins for the GBASP/GBMicro so you won't have to look at ugly Darth Vader all the time, look here: EZSkinner topic on the EZFlash USA forum
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