Questions regarding rom updating method and after.

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  1. ProGTO

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    May 31, 2013
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    So, MH4G came out yesterday and I decided to play it. I'm kinda a noob about this gateway thing. Sorry I didn't post it on the noob thread because I have more than one questions and it will be long.

    So, first of all, my 3DS is English and it firmware is 4.2.0 U9. Just now I used the rom updating method w/ the rom Super Smash Bros US version to get it up to 8.1.0. Finally was able to play MH4G! But I have some questions about it. I did format the emunand before doing this method.

    1. So, if I power off now and repeat the process to get back into GW mode, will it be on 8.1.0 or will I have to update again?

    2. I did not back up my nand, if I ever wanted to go back down to 4.2.0 for what ever reason, what will I have to do?

    3. I noticed that doing the format emunand, it formatted the SD card, does it delete the game saves and what exactly does emunand do as it did cut my SD card into half?

    4. Is there any reason to downgrade back to 4.2.0? Like can I just keep it at emunand 8.1.0 and when new games come out that requires a higher firmware, I can just do the same method again to update and play the newer games?

    5. Is there anything I need to beware of as I did not back up my nand? I'm reading on other forums that other's emunand 8.1 turned into real firmware 8.1, I would hate for that to happen.

    Sorry for the long list of questions and if there is answers already. I did check some threads out. Just wanted to make sure that I know everything and it safe, don't wanna spend anymore money for another 3DS or gateway card. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks for Reading! :)
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    If you turn off ur console and turn it back on you will go to the sysnand 4.2. Go back to your gateway mode and backup your nand. You dont have to update it again. You only need to get into gateway mode.

    I made a backup for my saves before doing the update. The emunand is a seperate nand(GW.8.1xxx).
    If you accidently did an update you downgrade it back by solder some wires into the 3ds and SD adapter.

    I really dont know about 4.2. I think the most people are on 4.5.
  3. ProGTO

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    May 31, 2013
    United States

    Thanks for the reply! So, I basically lost all my save data because I did not make backup before I did format emunand?
    Also what does a backup of a nand do, everyone tells you how to do it but doesn't really explain why you need to backup nand?
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    Sep 23, 2013
    if you update your sysnand by accident, that is the only way of getting back to 4.x
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