Questions in (maybe) getting a Vita?

Discussion in 'PS Vita - Console, Accessories and Hardware' started by Icealote, Apr 17, 2012.

  1. Icealote

    Icealote My Winter...

    Sep 2, 2008
    Hi guys and gals,

    I'm just weighing options for later in the year in buying random things. Okay I'll say this first, I'm a PSP virgin. Never owned one. Have played the original PSP (dont know which number) and have played briefly Crisis Core, GTA and finished MGS which I can barely remember anymore.
    Okay questions time:

    Is the Vita completely region free? Or are there certain applications designated for certain regions only? Does this affect me if I decided to order online?

    Wanting to go for the WiFi only, what's the cheapest or average price I should aim to get this at? (even though people say wait for price drop which I doubt?)

    I have absolutely no idea in regards to the capabilities of this console. Somewhere I read you can play original PSP games on the Vita but you need a certain firmware?

    I'm surprised there's no Vita games essentials thread so I don't know what games are good?

    Is the crystal armor for the Vita any good as the crystal armor for the 3DS? Or should I just get a screen protector and a hard cover zip case?

    I dont know what else to add as of yet because I'm so clueless. I'm happy if someone could answer or post links to read up stuff. Don't say Google it unless you're going to give me some keywords to search up and read from.

  2. masterchan777

    masterchan777 GBAtemp Fan

    Oct 1, 2007
    World Wide Web
    Well, almost every question you asked has been answered somewhere here in the forum, all you have to do is to browse and read through some posted threads here. I will post a link or two if you want to know more of the PSVita :

    PlayStation Vita

    PlayStation Vita System Software

    List of PlayStation Vita Games

    PlayStation Vita : Features , Games and Apps

    PlayStation Vita Accessories

    In my opinion, the PlayStation Vita is a great handheld console, it has loads of power and a lot of potential.
    Would I recommend getting one now? yes and no.
    Yes: if you have some extra cash and you are a fan of the available games (Uncharted was the main reason of my purchase), if that's the case then go with the WiFi model as you'd barely use the 3G functionality.
    No: because of its price, and lack of an extensive list of games, the accessories are not cheap as well (e.g. Vita's memory cards) and better things come to those who wait (usually).

    The final verdict will always be yours, go ahead and do some reading, and even try to use the system (maybe see it with a friend or at some retailer) and experience a few games in action if you can, read game reviews and watch game play clips off YouTube, that would definitely help you in deciding whether you should buy one or not,

    Good luck.
  3. Un4tural

    Un4tural GBAtemp Regular

    Sep 13, 2009
    i bought a vita, got few games, but nothing that i love on it yet... my psp was broken, so i just bought some cheap scraps and fixed mine up, rocking SNES on the go now... no homebrew and apps is an utter deal breaker for vita...

    if it had android OS on it with the app store, it would be best thing since cookies probably... but now i read speculations that sony is to dump android for that rubbish livearea OS, i am seriously reconsidering my investment in this vita thing... especially if sony is keeping its brilliant decisions on the way under.
  4. Icealote

    Icealote My Winter...

    Sep 2, 2008
    Appreciate it!

    Hmm...The Vita interests me a tad but for some reason, it doesn't make me go f*** yeah! I'll get it! kind of feeling. Going through the links, I must be dreaming still, I coulda sworn there was something about Vita playing PSP games without UMDs? I know there's a small RPG games I'd like to play from the PSP era on the Vita. The Silent Hill spinoff, Dynasty Warriors and something else I've forgotten look appealing. I'm not really drawn to Uncharted Series. I've missed out that opportunity to play it and I've already sat through the whole walkthrough of the recent title. Only because I don't own any home consoles haha
    I'll wait as you advise. I saw that Hori Thrustmaster (sounds all wrong to me) SPF case...that's awesome. Let's hope Vita stays strong in the running. I don't like the idea of one brand dominating the handheld scene. It makes them lazy then we get all that Imagine series bullshit in 3D again...shovelware 3D :(
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