Question about Devolution in Wii U and GC to CC controller adapter.

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    I have been reading up on the Devolution discussion, and mention was made that an adapter allowing a GameCube controller to be used as a Classic Controller via a Wii Remote connection enabled control with greater analog resolution than available using any other supported controller and support for the analog triggers (despite the CC not using analog at all).

    I have located an adapter like the one being discussed at Amazon:

    Is anyone able to confirm that what I found is the right adapter for the job? I have little reason to believe that it wouldn't work at all (since it is supposed to present the GC controller as a Classic Controller), but I do not want to bother with it if it the analog triggers will not work (I will stay with the PS3 controller for the time being, in that case).
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    I have been talking it over with Raphael Assenat from Raphnet Technologies. His product, found here ( ) is a GameCube adapter for the Wiimote that allows your GameCube controller to be used as a Classic Controller. It has different control schemes that can be changed on the fly by pressing different button configurations. He is currently working on a button configuration that will allow the GameCube controller to work with Devolution, perfectly. He also is working on the Analogue sliders, and, from what I understand, has them working.

    The problem with the one you posted is that, when using it with Devolution, it doesn't work correctly as intended. The A button acts in game like the X button, the B button acts like the A button in game, and so on. Thats why the only way to fix it is to make a new control scheme, and that's exactly what Raphael Assenat is doing.

    I would say wait on that. That's just my suggestion.
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