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    what can I do with it? I've heard many other places that firmwire can't be downgradeable... what the hell? almost every other product can do that, why not this one?

    I would like to run a modded firmwire, and do more with my PSP. how can I go about doing this?

    and what do the new firmwire updates even do? besides muck up modded firmwires?
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    Correct, you can't downgrade 3000's.

    It's because the pandora battery does not work (new motherboard), and nobody has found any sort of hack past 5.03 that allows for write access to flash (kernel mode), which is required to modify the firmware.

    The only available hacks (Half-Byte Loader, HBL) past 5.03 run in user mode, so you only get homebrew (not game piracy), and it can't be homebrew that loads external PRXs (like the N64 emulator), so oftentimes you need to wait until an emulator or whatever has been modified to work with the HBL.

    If you were on 5.03 or less you could install custom firmware temporarily (you'd have to re-hack it every time you turned it back on, sleep mode is fine).
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    Apr 17, 2010