PS3 Fat 60GB and Hack ?

Discussion in 'PS3 - Hacking & Homebrew' started by Flirkyn, Aug 17, 2016.

  1. Flirkyn

    Flirkyn GBAtemp Regular

    Aug 9, 2014
    Hello people !
    So I hava a PS3 Fat 60 GB Pal (I don't have the console near me right now, but I think the model are CECHCXX. I'll check and edit my post later). This is the first model out in Europe (the one who can play PS1/2 game and Super Audio CD.
    I'm on latest firmware, and I want to hack it (to play undub game or patch translation, and for other thing of course...).

    I read on the net that those model use a NAND chip and that there are pretty hard to flash. I was planning to downgrade it and install a CFW, but it seems hard and expensive. So I want to ask, are there a good and complete tutorial for that ? And what do I need exactly for that ? I read that I need at least a teensy++2.0, and optionnally a 360clip. But that last one are pretty expensive. Is there an other possibility, or a cheaper nand clip (who will not be a bad product either) ?

    I already opened it after I got it last year to replace the thermal paste, and I have a friends who could help me for soldering I think.

    Alternatively, I could ask for some technician in my country to do it , but transport fee are pretty big (it's a shame, because the price of the flash itself are pretty good sometime, I found some for 60€, but approximatively 20€ of transport hurt a lot), so I'd like to see if doing it myself would cost cheaper.

    Another question : like I said, I want to go for a CFW, but I still want to ask about it :
    -Are CFW are up to date ?
    -I read about two type of CFW : Rebug and Rogero. What are the difference ?
    -Are CFW safe to use with PSN (original and backup game) ?
    -Do the downgrade would erase my data ?
    -What are the other method for my ps3 (chip or other) ? Would it give me the same possibility than a CFW ?

    Thanks in advance for the answers :)
  2. Elizabethx90

    Elizabethx90 Advanced Member

    Aug 24, 2016
    United States
    There are a lot of good installation services on here and various sites that could downgrade for you.
    CFW is on 4.80, which is the latest OFW as well.
    Rebug is the best choice, Rogero is best if you plan on playing 'backups' only.
    I use my PS3 on 4.80.1 REBUG online with PSNPatch, and have been going online for 6 years. Just don't cheat or use homebrew online. PSNPatch has a plugin which boots you with PSN access disabled, and when you press L3+R3+R2, it disables cfw syscalls and wipes your boot history, making it safe to go online(to a degree).
    The downgrade should not wipe your data, but it's always best to make a backup.
    An ODE would allow you to play your backups, but not allow access to homebrew or other features you would get in CFW.
  3. Flirkyn

    Flirkyn GBAtemp Regular

    Aug 9, 2014
    Thanks for your reply :) I think I'll send it to someone yes.
    I'll take rebug then. I'll take care to not use homebrew online.
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