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    I am in the process of downgrading my PS3 back to OFW 3.55, and am wondering what CFW would be best to install in order to play most PS3 games on my Vita through remote play (especially Ni no Kuni).

    Here are some of the CFW I am considering:
    -CEX CFW 4.70 to 4.78- non cobra/non rebug
    -Rebug 4.75.3 (CEX DEX hybrid)
    -Rebug 4.76.1 Lite (CEX) with Cobra 7.1
    -Rebug 4.78.2 Rex (CEX DEX hybrid) with Cobra 7.3

    I am quite unfamiliar with Cobra, DEX, CEX, Non-rebug/rebug etc., so I was just curious if that stuff had anything to do with CFW. Also, for remote play, does any CFW work? If not, which one of these CFW would be best?

    Thanks in advance for the help:)
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