Protecting System From Heat?

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    Recently, I started walking home from school and the 3DS is always in my pocket. When I get home, the system is always sooo warm. Is there any accessory to keep the system from getting too warm? Putting the system in my backpack doesn't work either, because my everything in my backpack felt like it was cooked in an oven when I take out my homework. Have anyone ever faced this problem? If so, how did you solve it?
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    Sep 2, 2016
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    If you use your cfw's "over"clock options, it's normal for your N3DS to heat up more as they also apply in standby (there's no such thing actually, the CPU is always on at the selected speed even on an unmodified system, it just happens to save power due to having less work to do + screens and sound off)

    Apart from that (or even if you force the high speed) you shouldn't have to worry, there is a natural heatsink (the metal shell of slot-1) and even in a worst case scenario (charging, high speed, high load, high brightness) it never gets hot enough to be a risk for your hands or the battery

    tl;dr assuming a non-defective console, your leg probably supplies most of its heat
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