Problems with internal memory & data management

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    Hey people,

    I bought a Wii U me a few days ago and am fully satisfied with it.

    Now however I have a problem with the data management of the Wii U.
    The internal memory is ~ 32GB. I bought two download games, Mario Kart 8 yesterday and today Assasins Creeed IV - Black Flag.
    After installing Mario Kart 8 yesterday showed me my Wii to U, that I still have around 20GB internal memory.
    After I bought AC IV, I wanted to download it and install (14,3GB). My Wii U shows me now but after I clicked download also, just 7,8GB free space, and therefore can not install AC IV: /

    How it looks in my data management:
    Warning: Spoilers inside!

    Now I suspect that the Wii U for both download games stores both the "Installer" of the Games, including the installed game on the Wii U.
    Now I would like both AC IV and Mario Kart on the Wii U have 8, which should take around 19GB.
    Does anyone know how I the invisible "installer" delete, so I have enough space?
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    The easiest way to deal with this is to just buy a HDD. But really, buying any wii u digital content is like throwing money away. Not only does your wii u do the problem you have just mentioned, you also don't even own the actual download. Your wii u owns the game as there is no linked account.

    It is just not worth the hassle. But since you have already payed and now fully involved in this, a portable HDD is probably your only out.

    My next solution is to simply buy a ps4....
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    Seeing how you don't have much data there I would simply delete Mario Kart 8 game data leaving saves there, format usb stick or HDD for the Wii U momenteraly, backing saves up and formatting. If that doesn't work contact nintendos support.

    "You are super stupid for buying game the way you bought it, you shouldn't have bought the system to begin with and buy another system which doesn't have the games you want"
    Seriously you have some problems? I bought Mario Kart 8 digitally because LESS of hasshle, same price, 5€ credit and Super Mario Kart. Even I know Nintendos online and digital features aren't best ones but they are working and being hardware based instead of account based doesn't change much anything other than you have to keep serial number in safe instead of password.

    My solution to you is to simply buy a PC.....