Problem of controls with Nintendon't

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  1. Pikachuk

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    Mar 19, 2016
    Hello, i'm using Nintendon't, and i have a weird problem:
    My controller is correctly recognized and works, but sometimes when i push a button it pushes two times the button (for games like Sonic adventure 2 that's horrible for jumps and everything) and sometimes when we hold the button it will randomly while we're pressing the button push a second time the button, so for exaple in sonic adventure 2 it's horrible for jumps because it makes an homming attack or for spin dash cause it does a somersault

    and when i hold the start button it doesn't stop showing the pause screen, leaving pause screen,showing pause screen really fast so if i press too long the button to pause it may show/exit pause menu

    what can i do about that ? it's not a button mapping problem but how it receives inputs