Prince of Persia 'Epilogue' DLC coming to 360, PS3 on Feb. 26


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Nov 7, 2007
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Cel-shaded scurrying news now, with Ubisoft announcing a downloadable extension to its latest Prince of Persia game ... Prince of Persia. Set directly after the events of the main narrative, the "Epilogue" DLC expands the acrobatic protagonist's playground, as well as his magical companion's repertoire of powers. Epilogue's associate producer, Jamal Rguigui, tells IGN that players can expect the new Underground Palace area "to keep you on the edge of your seat." And even if you slide right off, we're sure Elika will be there to grab you.

While careful not to spoil the game's conclusion, Rguigui notes that Epilogue will further develop the relationship between the main characters and task them with defeating a new enemy, The Shapeshifter. "The Shapeshifter is an enemy that takes the form of two of Ahriman's most fearsome Lieutenants, the Warrior and the Hunter," he says. "Though their physical form is familiar to our heroes and the player, it will requires a particular strategy to defeat the Shapeshifter, rewarding the player that takes advantage of the new sprint feature exclusive to the Epilogue."

In addition to the royal rogue's sprinting offensive, the DLC gives Elika the "Energize" power, which allows her to temporarily restore a piece of destroyed environment. Tough-guy gamers will also be pleased to note that said environment will offer more challenging platforming sequences and additional traps to be almost-killed by. "We wanted to build a challenge and experience even greater with all the tools at our disposal, and let me say that there are a lot: Elika's power, traps, combat system, etc."

Look for all of those etc. on PSN and Xbox Live on February 26th. We'll update as soon Ubisoft settles on a price.


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