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Oct 24, 2002
Here are the bounty entries for the GPD comp. We need to discuss who should win and why, but first we need a short list, so vote for your favourite 5 and the order you rate them 1-5.
Obviously Patreon member entries can't vote and will be locked out of this thread.


To be honest, I was pretty tired when I made that comic, and it looked rubbish... So I redrew it! :P Shading, more character, better resolution, all the good stuff!



  • SimpliiU. Which is coded in C#, and allows users to prepare an SD Card with Wii U Homebrew by just selecting Homebrew and clicking a single button.

All the application mentioned is created by me, or maintained by me. It's created in Visual Studio in C#. You can find it on the Temp forums. I hope everyone has a good chance at winning a prize here.







I have some mods, have made some tools, most of which I never got to a good place to show off and currently working on making LWJGL a better library.

And here is a hint to my Switch project:


100414-c06e7c42a20e87f50e8ec384d85cc3b6.jpg 100415-08c45367ff289b16fb8db12ff155f1c9.jpg 100416-dddae02392affbb0d94c6151713c056f.jpg




Since I know I don't have a chance to win, I'll just submit 3DSperm as my entry :^)


Tried to get it as close to the game as possible. Searched for some pictures online to match against and then went shopping for the right colors. I think it turned out awesome!



Here's a Photoshop pic I made:



*submits Reinand*
jk, code would be too uncreative of me. So ill submit the ironman suit i built a few yrs ago.


Might as well submit what I've been working on.

Fmdl Studio v2!
The goal of this project is to be able to import and export Fox Engine Models (.fmdl) to and from Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

It started off with a guide I made a while back on how to fix the first-person view on NPC models so you could use them in model swaps and be able to see properly. I decided I wanted to make it even easier for people to be able to fix the first-person, so I started writing a tool for it. The FmdlTool. People mistook what the purpose of the FmdlTool was. They thought it was going to be a full-on importer/exporter for the game's models while my original intention was for it to only be used to fix the first-person. But I decided since nobody was looking into the .fmdl format anymore anyway, I'd pick it up and see if I actually could get custom model importing working.

I started off by essentially rewriting the MaxScript we currently used to view models in 3DS Max in C#. From there, I added what I knew additionally about the format to the tool. At that point, the tool pretty much became a tool for inspecting model data. I continued to reverse the format while another modder, Joey35233, began porting the FmdlTool's code over to Unity as Fmdl Studio v2 (the original Fmdl Studio was an abandoned tool made by another modder). We decided to use Unity since it can build models from data provided to it, and export the models that are built in it. Once I'd accomplished all I really could without visuals to aid me, I moved on from the FmdlTool and started working directly on Fmdl Studio v2 myself.

As of right now, the tool can import (unrigged) .fmdls directly into Unity. The bones do get imported as well though. So the next step is actually rigging the models.

Example of a model imported with the tool

Update (2017-09-01): Rigging is now implemented.

Update (2017-09-20): Diffuse textures are also now applied automatically (hair looks a bit odd due to all textures being imported as DXT1 currently).
Textured model imported with the tool

Update (2017-09-22): DXT5 textures are now read and applied correctly.
Textured model imported with the tool

My repo of the project is here:
Joey's is here:


This is the core machine I mentioned earlier. I also have video I would like to upload of it running. Maybe I need to open a youtube account to do that because I couldn't seem to upload video on imgur. Anyways, here is what I have of it so far, I will add the youtube links to this post later.


This is the 2nd video I have of starting the machine. ( There is still hydraulic oil dripping from the ceiling from the first start :wacko: )
I must apologize, I am horrible about holding the phone the way it needs to be held for good videos.


This is a video of the machine in action. Here it is cutting through asphalt because we are working on a taxiway.

So there you have it, this is my entry. I have a few pictures of the construction of it, and 2 videos of it running. I also made a hydraulic diagram and electrical diagram using Microsoft Publisher *ACK!* that took FOREVER, but that was the only tool available at work, and I'm paid hourly so it was worth it.


I forgot one major detail in my opinion. See, I'm not an electric, hydraulic, or mechanical engineer, but my employer trusted that I had the skill to come up with something before the deadline. When they told me what they wanted, and when I almost had a heart attack. That night I prayed for guidance, I asked God to help me build this thing, and help me design it. I told him that whenever people asked about how I designed it, I would give Him credit. The following month I pretty much spent on Google reading up on electro, mechanical, hydraulics, and started designing this thing. Everything seemed to fall into place when I started building this thing, even the mistakes all ended up being important and beneficial in the end. I truly believe I had help building this thing, and so I'm not about to take all the credit for it because I do not want to loose those blessings He bestowed on me. I promised He would get the credit, and I was about to make a huge mistake posting this and taking the credit for it.


@mattdog1000000 (see attached file at foot of post - T-hug)

I made dynamic cursors for Windows!
I've also included my source code and the .psd files.

Originally I just made 16 rotated cursors by hand and had them assigned based off of the direction you moved your cursor, but over the course of the weekend I decided that I wanted full 360 rotation.
I first attempted to construct .CUR files myself, but Visual Studio didn't like them (although Windows would allow me to manually set them just fine).
I had the cursors' hotspots in the center of the image, but that resulted in the cursors having to be too small for my taste.
I ended up utilizing ImageMagick and translating the point of rotation by full pixel increments so that they would consistently line up (otherwise the cursors would be super-jittery due to the truncation.)




I want to enter with a discord theme.
Some things may be buged tho
Browser version
use stylus to install it, not stylish
without the cursor
hopefully i didnt disqualify myself


Started work on this around the beginning of September, on a hotel bed in Seattle.

The basic idea is that of a Rhythm Roguelike, similar to Crypt of the Necrodancer, set in a procedurally generated world. The goal is to defeat enough enemies to open a portal to escape the world before the music ends. Blue and Orange notes fall down two lanes, with the orange notes representing enemy attacks, and blue notes representing times you should move. You can move in any direction at any time, but moving to the rhythm increases your groove counter, which amplifies your damage to enemies.

While there are still parts left to go, this video is a little old, and basic combat and levelling systems are in place now. The music is placeholder, just something with a steady beat that I totally shouldn't really be using. But yeah. That's what I've been working on the past month. It's a thing. The name is due to a mispronounciation of asparagus by a coworker which for some reason largely inspired this weird game. It's a Unity project, but I'm looking at making a physical controller, like a DDR touch pad, but with the ability to detect weight on the board at all.

The controls with this scheme would be:
Blue notes - Directional Arrow presses
Orange notes - Jump/The first instance no weight detected on pad.


I have various projects to show, but this is the one that people i shown it to liked the most:

I did this a while ago, wanted to do some hardware stuff so i bought a cheap car kit from ebay and hooked it up to a raspberry pi 3.
It uses two batteries: a USB battery pack for the raspberry pi which runs at 3.3V and a 6V battery that i got from a broken rc car for the motors.
To make it more rad i made an app for my pebble time so i can control it just by rotating my hand, when i showed this to my firends they were amazed.
Since the pebble is directly connected to the car I even had to RE the pebble android app cause i couldn't find any library that supported AppMessages (The API to send data from the watch to a phone).
it has also an ultrasonic sensor, the idea was make an AI (Artificial Ignorance: if there's a wall in front of you, turn left) but never got around doing it, not because it's difficult, i'm just lazy :P.
The car is actually much faster than the video, when i recorded it i was supplying less voltage to the motors because i didn't have the right transistors.
I wanted to rebuild this with an arduino and an ESP8266, it would be much better because of various technical reasons, but now with school and other projects ;) i don't have enough free time.
I also wanted to do a PCB with all the wirings and the IC so it wouldn't be a mess, but i was too lazy for this as well


Idk if I can post this :unsure:

It's a tool for rom-hacking 3ds and cia files :unsure:
According to the ReadMe, this is what it can do:unsure:
With this tool, you'll be able to:

  • Extract and rebuild any .3DS file
  • Extract and rebuild any .CIA file (No DLC nor DSiWare atm)
  • Extract any .CXI file
  • Extract and rebuild a 3DS banner file (shown on the 3DS home menu)
  • Mass extract and mass rebuild any .3DS and .CIA files in the same time. Yes, sir!
  • Extract any ncch partition from a .3DS file (CIA support is planned)
  • Extract contents from a decrypted ncch binary file


this is a report i made on password security, and how special characters in passwords affect hacking when the attackers are using brute force


Alright then I summit my flammie plush

Ironically my brother (tenkai) codes but he's still a beginner with an old notebook computer. Regardless if I win anything I'm giving it to him.
Creative process: I actually found out about the remake for secret of mana from this site! I had made a flammie plush before but wasn't satisfied with it. In terms of making the plush i had to make a lot of changes. I changed the eyes which were originally closed- still can be seen on my deviant art page (shikustar). The hair was hard to make, i used a giant pom pom, cut it and used thread to keep it from falling apart. Afterword i sewed on the hair piece, which is now fully secured :).


Here is my submission. I Can add anything you might want to prove ownership if needed.

I wanted to create an alternative universal way for players to find people to either trade or battle with in the Pokemon series, instead of them having to scour multiple different forums(or subreddits) or dealing with the half assed in game solution such as the notoriously poor GTS were there are millions of either unfair or impossible trades and there is no way to talk to the receiving party to discuss a way to work out the trade.


So after a whole month of working non-stop in my spare time, I think it's finally appropriate to show something off!


A good number of people here are already familiar with my self-created character, Stick Magician, and my ambitions to bring back pure, classic platforming and adventure again with him some time when the game has developed more. :)
This month, I decided to code up a version of SMag especially for the GBATemp Bounty, and afterwards. I currently made a really neat Test Level area packed with some targets you can shoot at (and they break into chunks too :D), moving platforms, ramps, etc.

I coded SMag to have a range of features already: fireball shooting as I mentioned earlier (and they leave a trail of smoke for a few seconds after impact!), jumping animations, a landing animation when falling at a certain velocity, a landing impact animation, aiming, and the camera can be moved freely around him at will. Moreover, I added in some minor dust particles for when he runs and falls, so there's some moderate attention to detail thrown into this as well.

I'm a huge cartoon junky, so I really wanted to give this game a cartoon-like environment, therefore I additionally spent about a week maximum on perfecting the cartoon shading so that it works on both PC, and on a 3DS! (yes, this game also runs great on a 3DS!)


My entry is procedurally generated landscape demo for the wii homebrew in which you can walk around and jump from planet to planet. There is not enough time for me to make it into a full fledged "game" and I really have been working on it for too long so this bounty gave me the motivation to kick it out of the house. So right now its a glorified "walking simulator". It was inspired by NoMansSky - "every rock procedural" etc but its on the wii hardware so I made the best with what I had to work with. Hopefully the community will find some fun in it, be inspired or enjoy it for what its worth .

At first I was trying to build a minecraft clone but failed because minecraft clones are hard in general. Then I got interested in procedural generation and started the long journey of trying to get a landscape engine running on the wii - writing it myself in C. Right about the sametime Bushing died so I will dedicate this homebrew game to his memory. There are many challenges, many dead bodies littered along the roadside. Here are some recent screenshots of the homebrew;

At present I am working on the screen that allows you to select the planet you want to visit. The challenge is I need to ensure that every time you visit the same planet you see the same details - so I can't just make "random".

The homebrew app will be available to download as soon as I finish the planet menu. hopefully in a couple days.

My wii homebrew entry aptly named "NewoSky" is available for download from wiibrew newo sky page or on my website (easier for me update)

Related stuff; NewoSky Postmoretem



Here is my submission. What you see here is a digital 3D spider-man costume pattern that I have made, its psd file is over 6gb. This is pattern is made up of layers, muscle pattern, colours, shapes, webbing and texture pattern which for this suit is honeycomb/hexagon pattern.

up close

This is then printed on to 4 yards of 4 way stretch lycra spandex via Dye sublimation. Once that's done I then cut the pieces out the fabric, and then sew it together. At the end it gets hand detailed with slick paint to give it the realistic movie accuracy look, shine and 3D and looks like this.

And this is compared to the movie suit used by andrew garifield.




My entry is Visual Controller Test v0.91 for the Wii, available at WiiBrew:


It's, uh, exactly what it sounds like? It lets you test your controllers on your Wii to make sure they are working correctly, with a nice visual interface so you can easily see what buttons you are pressing.

You can test all kinds of controllers on multiple ports (like if you have more than one Wiimote connected) -- it will detect what you are using and switch to a graphic of that controller type. You can unplug extension controllers from the Wiimote and plug in different ones freely to test each one. It will test most features including the buttons, analog sticks (all analog values are shown numerically in addition to the interactive graphics), analog shoulder buttons on the Gamecube Controller and the original Classic Controller, and the whammy bar and slide bar on guitar controllers.

I actually started working on this about a month before this competition started, but I just updated it today for the bounty, and added in a Wiimote infrared pointer cursor so you can test your pointing skills too.


My project is shown in this tutorial.


I made this a few days ago knowing my constraints. It's a relatively simple tool aimed at renaming a full series of anime to my proper naming standard. It sounds a little stupid, I know. But when you have a 161 episode series, you just don't have the time to type the names in one at a time. I don't think it's as impressive as some of the things I've seen here, but it does what I wanted it to, so I figured it'd at the very least be worth sharing. The screenshot below is how the files end up looking.


All it really needs is a list of episode names in a text file called Names.txt (one ep name per line) and it'll name em all. I understand it can still be a pain for some people to get a list, but it's much better than having to name a file at a time (for me at least). I look forward to the next bounty, I should be plenty better organised by then ^^

I hope this is useful to somebody lol, I'll leave the source code with it since I'm 90% sure the attached file will be flagged as a virus.



Hello gbatempers, I submit this picture of a new plant that I grew in my garden. This took 2 years to grow,(I cross pollinated a zucchini and a pumpkin last year) and this is what I got this year. I'm thinking to call it a pumpkini or a zumpkin.




I've updated my submission to include a PC port of Season of Henkaku! I had to do this very quickly so there may be bugs, but I can reach the end of the demo fine, nobody else has tested it yet!


So for the bounty I told myself I should revive an old project I had laying around. That project is "NAMELESS 2D", a 2D RPG Engine for the 3ds. I decided to rewrite it from scratch, so this is completely new. I plan to make a full game with this. Note: It crashes a lot at the moment, I recommend an emulator to test this. Here's a little list of what it can do at the moment:
  • Player moving on a map
  • Save system using flags
  • Menu with keyboard to enter a name
  • Textboxes
  • Sprites with animation system
  • LUA scripts
  • Sound with looping points
  • NPCs
  • Battles
  • Inventory system
  • More functions for the scripts
  • Fix the crashes
Of course, I'm releasing a tech demo for this (with placeholder images). You can download it here:

Here's a few screenshots of the said tech demo:






The red square is a placeholder for the player, it can totally be replaced with the sprite you want!


Since it says photography is accepted in the op, a picture I took years ago (I think 7?). It was after a minor league baseball game, they had a fireworks display.
This was probably the only picture that didn't come out bad, using only a cheap point and shoot.
Ive been using it my desktop background since I took it.
Not sure how to put my creative process on this as I took like 50 pics trying to get a good one.


it's a dsi.
it's blue.
it's clear.
and it has tempy on it.

give me my prize.

but in all seriousnrss, I wasn't able to do much with it as the parts only shipped yesterday.

I plan to clean up the molding a little better, put some lights that feed off the speaker frequency.

(lights in a bar graph style that raise and lower with pitch)

a "rumble" feature...

and hiya cfw of course!
(can that please come out all ready!?)

but yea, it's pretty Neet so far, but expect more soon...





Here is my entry, I already announced it here:

it is a sonic the hedgehog fan game.

Here is the link for pc version:

Here is the link for xbox one version:

Hey, I do not know if I am late. but I want to update my entry (assuming I can do that):

1. Here is more ports of the demo (ios, android, mac, and Linux added:!x3BFUJzA!5Nuysvxq5FxEcJCJ7Sgj6w

2. Gbatemp user ElijahZawesome has helped test these ports, so if that counts as part of the entry, please add his name in the submission


Here's my entry!

Does a Github Repo count as documentation?
This website is part of the same project (is that okay, or does this count as another entry? I'm going to link the two websites together once finished)

You can't access many pages now, here are some hidden ones




I know you've seen my Undertal DS project, but I have had a lot of exams and studies, so i couldn't create something new for the bounty, so this is my entry:


@The Minecrafter
Here is my entry for the GbaTemp Bounty 2017, as per the rules here:

Here is the link to the compiled binary(beta software) :!vV1SnJgQ!XPxwFyMETvSlqVW0FOTc5aFo2L5Bq1S0kp5FOOViY3M

The source code is here(constantly being updated):

Features: It manages/gets metadata about visual novels that you add to the program using the API from It keeps track of how long you have played a game, as well as when you last played it.
It has tabs for showing the main data and associated tags, characters and their traits, different releases of the game, and any screenshots of the game.
You can add a game by ID, or by searching by name(English and Japanese supported). If you have an account on, you can get a list of items from your wishlist, votelist, and vnlist. You can also manipulate the votes, status, notes,... from that page as well. In the settings, you can change the color of the border, as well as change settings for showing spoilers and NSFW content.
On the main page, you can create categories, and separate games by category.

The creative process:
I had an old version of the software while I was just learning to code, show here: novel manager.png?dl=0

However, it was buggy, slow, and tended to crash a lot.

I wanted to redo it completely, and properly this time.
I started with a simple UI layout of how I wanted things to be.
I slowly built the main tab, then went onto the other tabs to add/edit.
Sometimes, I would have to delete a part I had created, as it was causing issues.
I implemented checks and validation into most of the code, so it wouldn't crash if something went wrong.
I often referred back to my old project, to see what worked and what didn't work.
I used a lot of new features in my program, and I often consulted with friends for help with issues that arose.

There really is too much to try to explain in my creative process, as I had worked on this for a few months, and I have made thousands of changes to the code.
However, if you go to, you can see each of the changes I made, and how the software evolved over time.

--Note-- The github page states the software as being non-functional. That is because I am making constant changes to the software, and I don't want people creating bug reports about something breaking when I'm changing something.

Actually, could I enter this?

It's another cosplay. Planned for two years, and finally executed this year. Center light in the helmet lights up (it's a simple circuit between a coin battery holder and the super bright LED). Helmet = paper mache/foam mat/bristol board. The little disk is clear two part resin. Makeup/scar is done with professional quality makeup.

It was fun to make, but very hard to wear as the helmet itself was heavy and top heavy.

The look/character is the possessed/controlled Robomen from the old Dr. Who (black and white) series.

Thank you for your time,

and another photo!



Here is my entry (a digital drawing), I included snapshots as I was making it for some sort of proof
hopefully this is valid


@Jackson Ferrell
Game Title: Eyeless Echoes
You play as a blind man in what sounds like an asylum. You have to rely on sound alone to find out where you are. A noise (walking), will rebound off of walls and objects, in the exact same way as they would in real life (walking in a hallway creates echoes, walking next to a wall will have the sound travel/rebound off of the wall letting you know that there is a wall there (sounds actually like when you walk next to a wall). Walking outside will have gravel/dirt sound effects (depending where you are). Crickets, frogs, rustling of leaves etc will guide you whilst outside.
The main objective in this game is to find your way out. You must avoid the footsteps of other things (patients corrupted and cannibalistic in nature) by listening to the distance and direction of the footsteps, as well as their rasping breaths. If one spots you, you have to find a hiding place and hide until they give up and walk away. Noise-making traps such as children toys, metal objects, and sticks litter the ground everywhere, raising the stakes much higher. During random points in the game, all sounds die out and a bell tolls rather close, yet rather far away. This is when you sacrifice your silence for speed and run to escape the Beast behind you, killing anything and everything in its wake to get to you. The ultimate goal of the game is to escape the clutches of the Beast, who constantly searches for you throughout the game. When the bell tolls, it has found your scent and charges, attempting to get to you. While running, you can end up hitting objects (signalled by 'oof'ing or other collision noises.) that you can't hear. The noise of crashing, destruction, and the screams of the trampled (or eaten) patients are loud enough to provide a rough estimate of entrances. There are roughly 30 levels, each lasting approximately 15 minutes (aimed to be that much).
The features in this game involve multiplayer (separate to the "story"), where one or more player is the victim, and one player is the Beast, and the player(s) must get to the exit before the other player (Beast) catches them. The Beast player hears a buzzing noise when a player's "path" is detected, and is kept on track by the buzzing noise. If the buzzing noise fades away, then they're off the path. Players can trick the Beast by retracing steps or messing up each other's steps (This works as well in the story aspect), but still must remain alert and careful, as the Beast can hear them as well. The environment is randomly generated from one of the 30 levels, preventing the players from knowing exactly where they are.
The player (in both story mode and multiplayer mode) has the following:
-ability to sprint (increases noise drastically, increases possibility you'll run into something (the time between making the noise and hearing the reverberation is increased) but also anything that you can hear can hear you and will immediately chase after you if you run for more than a few seconds. WARNING: they are a little faster, so losing them instead of trying to outrun them is the best course of action.)
-ability to sneak (decreases noise drastically, however you won't make enough sound to find your way around)
-ability to stomp (Increases noise drastically for a second, giving you a broader hearing range. However anything that can hear you, can hear that, and will investigate.)
-If you kick or step on something, you have the option to pick it up, and throw it away to divert attention to that noise. However, if you don't know where you're throwing the object, you could end up throwing it at a wall right in front of you (use it carefully)
-ability to crouch (if you notice the sound changes when you're walking next to a wall, then it may be a hiding spot. Keep a sharp ear out for these as it could save your life when chased by a patient.)
The game will be available for all platforms (Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PS4, PC, Android and mobile devices). The requirements are to have a set of earphones/headphones that can support any level of surround sound (even a pair of Earpods will work fine). It will also be able for blind people (if requested, because you really don't need the screen), and a bonus is that the user won't be straining their eyes or be needing to take a break, due to them not having to look at the screen much (only for the menu)

I'm planning on starting this project at the end of this year.


I made this little game for my kid a while back, I'm not sure if it can be entered in the bounty so here goes nothing lol.

Please let me know if you have any questions about it.





I know this is a lot to go through, but we need 5 winners please! Patreon votes will be merged with staff votes and then we can announce the results.


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Oct 11, 2011
I've got a hard time chosing between Spiffy Junoir and Voxel.
If I say Voxel, it sounds like I'm giving him an advantage cause I know him ;/
Both projects are amazing, Voxel trying to start a completely new game and Spiffy for an amazing build.

Coinflip decided it's Voxel in first, Spiffy second.


Apr 10, 2004
I've got a hard time chosing between Spiffy Junoir and Voxel.
If I say Voxel, it sounds like I'm giving him an advantage cause I know him ;/
Both projects are amazing, Voxel trying to start a completely new game and Spiffy for an amazing build.

Coinflip decided it's Voxel in first, Spiffy second.
Chose your top 5, and order them :)
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