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PPSSPP now has a standalone release on the Switch


In April, homebrew scene member m4xw released a port of PPSSPP to the Nintendo Switch, which required RetroArch to run. At the time, a standalone emulator version was teased, and now that day has come, as the first standalone beta release of PPSSPP for Switch is fully available to the public. Installation is simple, as all you have to do is place the downloaded folder on the root of your Switch's SD card. Full patch notes, instructions, and information can be found in the official release thread.

-Includes a GLES2 and GL version (use GLES2 for GTA's or other troubling games, otherwise GL version is always recommended as it's far more stable and bug free).
-JIT improvements (should now work on all Horizon version), masking is no longer required, thus JIT masking bugs are a thing of the past (will be backported to the libretro ver. this week).
-All config files reside in /switch/ppsspp/, the path can not be changed for the time being.
-You can copy your PPSSPP files from /retroarch/cores/savefiles/PPSSPP/ (savefiles are compatible, savestates are NOT, however I will add a export option to the Core soon-ish).

:discuss: Discussion Thread
:download: Project's GitHub Page
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