Possible to mod the controls of DK Barrel Blast to be played with Bongo controller?

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    So I just thought of this, if you're not aware, DK Barrel Blast was originally designed with the Bongo controller in mind, and everything about the game obviously reflects that, though ultimately they made it a wiimote motion control game instead.

    I'm curious since the Wii has access to Gaemcube controllers, could the game be modded in anyway to instead play with the Bongos as originally planned.

    Here are the in game controls as they stand now and what they could be

    Accelerate Shake the [​IMG] and [​IMG] could be changed to pounding left and then right bongos over and over
    Steer Shake the [​IMG] to go right and the [​IMG] to go left could be changed to just pounding the left bongo to go left, and just pounding the right to go right
    Jump Raise the [​IMG] and [​IMG] simultaneously. could be changed to hitting both the left and right bongos at the same time
    Attack Press [​IMG] could be changed to a clap
    Use item Press [​IMG] / [​IMG] could be changed to the start button on the Bongos
    Charge a Wild Move Tilt the [​IMG] in any direction. The charge can be canceled by jumping or using an item Not sure what could be mapped here, perhaps just holding down the left or right bongo
    Use a Wild Move Release the [​IMG] also not sure what could be mapped here, but if we follow my example, once you glow from charging your wild move, you could release the bongo you're holding down
    Pause / Resume [​IMG] with the lack of enough buttons, this could go unmapped, just have someone with a wiimote hit home if they want to pause.
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    The point in a commercial way is that not all Wii's are backwards compatible, and those who don't own one, would not be interested on buying the game. Also, it was "updated" into using the new controller that was available by then, so it makes sense (in a sadly manner) to drop compatibility for the Bongo's, which are only compatible with three NGC games and makes less possible that, that many people had one to play on Wii.
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