Pokémon Supernova Sun & Penumbra Moon: Fully-Featured Ultra Sun / Ultra Moon ROM Hacks!

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    ROM hack of: Pokémon Ultra Sun and Pokémon Ultra Moon (3DS)

    Pokémon Supernova Sun and Penumbra Moon are mods for Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. Like my Rutile Ruby & Star Sapphire hacks and my Nova Sun & Umbra Moon hacks, their main purpose is to provide a more challenging game experience while not artificially limiting the player. The premier feature of Supernova Sun and Penumbra Moon is the ground-up redesign of Pokémon Trainers in the world to increase the game's challenge. Every trainer in the game has been edited, and the level curve expects use of the Experience Share, which means that the player levels up very quickly. Every Pokémon in Trainers' teams has a a proper moveset and many are holding items. The Elite Four and Champion are Level 100, and the player doesn't need to grind to equal that!

    Supernova Sun and Penumbra Moon's secondary focus is inspired by Super Smash Bros. Melee's "20XX Hack Pack" which is designed to improve competitive players' ability to practice and grind. In Supernova Sun and Penumbra Moon's Legit Build, everything obtainable is 100% legal and legitimate for real online battles or trades. In all Builds, some features are designed to make preparing competitive teams much less of a hassle. Competitive hold items are much more available, a 6IV Ditto is available through an in-game trade (holding a Destiny Knot), Eggs hatch in one cycle, and Level 100 Memento Blissey battles are available in the Battle Buffet once the main story has been beaten.​


    These mods are very expansive. In addition to Trainers, Supernova Sun and Penumbra Moon also feature edited:
    • Wild Pokémon availability (in three different ways!)
    • Wild Pokémon hold items
    • Item availability in Poké Marts and from special vendors
    • Evolution methods for Trade Evolutions and "Level up in a specific area/version" Evolutions
    • Level-Up movesets to handle the increased level curve and add access to TM and Tutor moves (details)
    • And much more!


    [​IMG]Trainer Changes[​IMG]
    • Harsher Level Curve: The game is balanced around use of the EXP Share, which allows for explosive growth. Disabling the EXP share is not recommended.
    • All-new Trainer teams, designed from the ground up, many featuring six Pokémon!
    • All Captains, Kahunas, and other bosses have six Pokémon!
    • Every fully-evolved non-Legendary Pokémon (and Mega Evolution) will be encountered in a Trainer's team during the main story!
    • Totems are powered up and pack new strategies!
    • Post-game Memento Blisseys added to Battle Buffet in Hau'oli City!
    • Trainers are capable of EV Training their Pokémon!
    • While grinding is always possible, the curve is such that the player will be approximately even with all enemy levels.
    • The player might become overleveled if they use the Lucky Egg, Pokémon Refresh, and/or the Trade Bonus.


    [​IMG]Pokémon Changes[​IMG]
    There are four builds available of SnS/PuM! They differ in Wild Pokémon availability. The Expanded Build is the most popular, since it increases the variety of Pokémon found in Alola.

    Expanded Build
    • Wild Pokémon are altered so that every non-Legendary (Tapu/UB/Mythical Pokémon count as Legendary) species is available, at the same level as the Leveled Build. Legendary encounters are not changed in this or any Build. Click here to see where you can catch every Pokémon!
    • This Build is the recommended way to play the ROM hack.
    • The player will have access to 58% of non-Legendary evolution lines on Melemele Island alone. This access expands to 83% after Akala Island, and 98% after Ula'ula Island. Every non-Legendary evolution line is available before the Elite Four!
    • By editing anything caught in the Expanded Build to have come from an Egg (and making sure to obey Poké Ball legality), even Pokémon from this Build can be made legal, though not technically legitimate.
    • All encounter levels are increased to match Supernova Sun & Penumbra Moon's harsh level curve.
    • This Build also features all of the rarity changes of the Legit Build.
    Legit Build
    • All Wild Pokémon are 100% legit for trade and will not appear as "hacked" by any legitimacy testers.
    • Most nocturnal Pokémon are available in the day. The converse is true for diurnal Pokémon.
    • Rare and interesting Pokémon have been moved into more common slots. Fearow, Yungoos, and friends now occupy the rarer encounter chances. The more unique, fun Pokémon like Mimikyu and Stufful are now as common as a Yungoos or Alolan Rattata would have been.
    • This Build is recommended if you're using the mod to facilitate competitive breeding, Shiny hunting, Pokédex filling, or other such post-game concerns.
    Leveled Build
    • Wild Pokémon are the same as in the Legit Build, but are leveled up to keep pace with SnS/PuM's harsh level curve.
    • It is recommended to use this over the Legit Build for gameplay if you don't want to use the Expanded Build, since the Legit Build's Wild Pokémon will be far behind the level curve.
    • Anything caught in the Leveled Build just needs a quick adjustment in PKHeX (edit its Met Level) to become 100% trade-ready.
    Lite Build
    • No changes to the Wild Encounter tables of Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon were made.
    Better Level-Up Learnsets!
    • Learnsets have been adjusted to provide better access to moves, particularly in Expanded and Leveled Builds.
    • Species no longer "miss out" on moves because they were encountered at a high level, and most "Level 1" moves have been added to the standard level-up learnset.
    • TM and Tutor moves have also been added to the Level-Up learnsets. No illegal moves have been added to any species in any Build.
    • If you're breeding Pokémon and both parents know a move that's normally a Tutor/TM exclusive for the offspring, the offspring will get that move as an illegal Relearner move. To avoid this issue, delete the file /romfs/a/0/1/3 (this will remove all moveset changes!) if you intend to breed without a Ditto or simply check the Pokémon's Relearn Moves in PKHeX.
    Wild Hold Items are improved in all builds!
    • Every species is now capable of holding at least one item in the wild.
    • Every species that has a Mega Evolution in its line is capable of holding its Mega Stone in the wild.
    • Wimpod, Alolan Meowth, and certain other species have been known to hold Bottle Caps and Gold Bottle Caps!
    • Pokémon that evolve through use of a hold item have a chance to hold that item in the wild.
    • Pokémon that need a special Incense to produce certain offspring have a chance to hold that Incense in the wild.
    • The 10 Fossils available in Gen VII are now held by certain wild Pokémon 50% of the time. Some other Pokémon also have a chance to hold Fossils.
    Warning: Spoilers inside!
    • The remaining Fossil (Old Amber) is now held by the Oddish line, which only appears in the Expanded Build.
    • Check here for a list of all species and which Hold Items they can have in the wild.

    • All non-Legendary Pokémon are able to SOS call in the wild. Baby Pokémon and Pokémon with predatory SOS calls (Corsola, Carbink, Durant, etc.) have a higher SOS call rate than most species. The "normal" SOS call rate has been increased thanks to an anti-annoyance feature in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon: Only one SOS call per fight will succeed unless the player uses an Adrenaline Orb.

    [​IMG]Item Changes[​IMG]

    • A new Item, Restoration Wing, has been added to Poké Marts. It fully restores a Pokémon's HP and status, but cannot be used during battles. This item replaces the Health Wing item, so it won't show up as an illegal item and can freely be traded to other Gen VII games.
    • Sacred Ash has been renamed to "Revival Powder" and is available in Poké Marts! Revival Powder functions as a Max Revive for your whole party, but is unusable during battles.
    • Max Repel's duration is increased by 50%.
    • Drink items and the Super Potion have had their Generation I-VI potency restored.
    • Revives have been nerfed to only heal 1 HP, to add strategic risk to their use in battle (Sacred Ash is unusable during battles). Beware of passive damage!
    • Roto Boost has been nerfed, and now only boosts Attack, Special Attack, and Speed.

    [​IMG]Poké Mart Changes[​IMG]

    • Less useless junk in Poké Marts! Items like Antidote and Paralyze Heal have been replaced with disposable competitive items like Focus Sash and Weakness Policy.
    • Item prices have been altered. Some items are more expensive than standard Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, and many are much cheaper.
    • All Poké Balls and Repels are on sale!
    • Thrifty Megamart is now the go-to place to purchase competitive items like Leftovers and Life Orb. Don't forget to grab a Discount Coupon at the door! The third counter sells useful breeding and training items, like Lucky Egg and Ability Capsule.
    • Route 8's Pokémon Center sells second-tier competitive items like Flame Orb, Scope Lens, and Safety Goggles.
    • Route 2's Pokémon Center sells the complete list of standard Poké Balls.
    • Hau'oli City's Pokémon Center sells the complete list of Apricorn Balls, as well as Beast Balls.
    • Route 5's Pokémon Center sells the six EV Reduction Berries, in addition to the Sitrus and Lum berries. Removing unused EVs (SpA on Machamp, etc.) is a great way to passively optimize your team!
    • Konikoni City's Pokémon Center sells Bottle Caps, Gold Bottle Caps, and the six Power Items!
    • Mount Lanakila's Pokémon Center sells everything you need to get your team ready to finish the game: Rare Candy, PP Max, and Heart Scale!
    • Full list of Poké Mart Changes.

    [​IMG]Evolution Changes[​IMG]

    view spoiler for evolution methods
    • Trade Evolutions now have alternate methods. You can still evolve them through their normal trade methods.
    • Pikachu, Exeggcute, and Cubone have alternate methods to evolve into their Kanto forms. You can still obtain Kantonian Raichu, Exeggutor, and Marowak by evolving them in the Ultra Wormhole.
    • Pokémon that evolve in specific areas now have alternate methods. You can still evolve them through their normal level-up locations.
    • Eevee can no longer evolve with its normal methods for Gen II+ Eeveelutions. It now uses a Stone to evolve into all of its options. Please note that Sylveon will be detected as illegitimate if it has less than two Affection and has never been traded.
    • Version-based Evolutions can now Evolve using the Sun or Moon Stone.
    Warning: Spoilers inside!

    [​IMG]Other Features[​IMG]

    • Custom Title Screens!
    • Eggs now hatch incredibly quickly. Every species now has a 1-cycle hatch rate. Note this doesn't apply to Event eggs or Traded eggs.
    • Switch Mode no longer reveals the incoming Pokémon.
    • An in-game trade for a 6IV Ditto (holding a Destiny Knot) now exists!
    • New, improved Pickup tables!
    • Custom Banners for *.cia/.3ds installs!


    • If you haven't done so already, please purchase Pokémon Ultra Sun or Ultra Moon! If you enjoy them (or this mod), Game Freak deserves your money.
    • The GARC file that contains Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon's Encounter Data is 460MB. Unfortunately, that means that distribution packs for this mod (aside from Lite Builds) are quite large (140MB thanks to .7z compression) and will take quite a while to download.
    • If you're using the Drag & Drop install method or running this with HANS, it will use your regular Sun/Moon save file. To back up your original save file on a CFW setup, use Checkpoint. To back up your original save file on a Homebrew setup, use JKSM.
    • You cannot install a CIA of Supernova Sun alongside a CIA/eShop copy of Ultra Sun. The same restriction applies for Penumbra Moon and Ultra Moon.
    • This mod is capable of multiplayer. With the Drag & Drop install method, it's capable of online multiplayer. It's best to avoid using Game Sync while using any Ultra Sun / Ultra Moon mods.
    • Since this mod makes no changes to save file structure, it works perfectly fine with Pokémon Bank.
    • Only important text like the name and description of the Sacred Ash Revival Powder and Health Wing Restoration Wing have been edited in non-English languages. Only languages with Latin script have been edited at all.
    • Any Ultra Sun / Ultra Moon code.bin patches for the latest version of Ultra Sun / Ultra Moon will work with the Drag & Drop versions of the mod. If you want to use extra code.bin patches on the *.3ds or *.cia versions of the mod, make sure you're using patches designed for Ultra Sun / Ultra Moon v1.0. Do not apply a SaltySD patch to the Drag & Drop package of this mod, it will cause the mod's files to not be loaded. To add additional mods to Supernova Sun & Penumbra Moon, place them in the appropriate folder within SD:\luma\titles.
    • This is NOT designed for Nuzlocke play. I don't believe a Nuzlocke of this game will be possible, let alone an enjoyable game experience. To have any chance at success in a Nuzlocke, you'll have to overlevel, spam Potions, probably use Refresh, and generally play in the most boring and safe way possible.

    • I still cannot add Triple, Rotation, and Horde Battles to the world. I also cannot turn Single Battle trainers into Double Battle ones.
    • Enemy Trainers cannot use unique Z-Moves like Extreme Evoboost or Malicious Moonsault.
    • Certain battles won't force you to black out if you lose, instead progressing the story the same as if you won. I can't change this function.
    • Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon's event scripts cannot currently be modified. This means that I cannot make cutscenes shorter or skippable.
    • The ability to use Mega Evolution is independent of the "Key Stone" item and is only set by triggering a flag in the save file after the battle with Dexio on Poni Island. This means that Mega Evolution is not accessible throughout gameplay unless save editing tools are used.

    [​IMG]Installation Instructions[​IMG]

    Drag & Drop Installation (CFW) (Recommended Method)
    Requirements: N3DS/3DS/2DS/N2DS with Luma3DS CFW (7.0+), Pokémon Ultra Sun or Ultra Moon (Cartridge or eShop)
    • You need to be on Luma3DS v7.0 or later. All 3DS models on firmware versions 11.3 or lower can install CFW using this guide with no additional purchases/hardware/games necessary.
    • Make sure that you have the latest update of Ultra Sun or Ultra Moon installed on your 3DS.
    • Download and unzip the game pack for the Version and Build you want to play.
    • If your language isn't English, run the NonEnglish.bat file.
    • Copy and paste the luma folder included in the game pack directly to the root of your 3DS's SD card. Merge and overwrite if prompted.
    • Hold SELECT when booting Luma3DS (this is when you turn on the 3DS if you're using B9S/A9LH).
    • Enable the option "Enable Game Patching" and press START to save. This is a persistent option, you don't have to do it every time you want to play SnS/PuM.
    • Boot up your cartridge or eShop copy of Pokémon Ultra Sun or Ultra Moon and the romhack's modifications should be present!
    • Back up your game save with Checkpoint, start a fresh save file, and enjoy the mod!

    *.CIA/*.3DS Installation (CFW)
    Requirements: N3DS/3DS/2DS/N2DS with Luma3DS CFW (8.0+), Godmode9 and FBI installed, Pokémon Ultra Sun or Ultra Moon (Cartridge or eShop/CIA)
    • You need a 3DS running Luma3DS CFW. All 3DS models on firmware versions 11.3 or lower can install CFW using this guide with no additional purchases/hardware/games necessary. All 3DS models can install CFW with the aid of a $20 flash cart.
    • Installed Pokémon Ultra Sun / Ultra Moon updates will cause conflicts with the Supernova Sun or Penumbra Moon mod when installed as a CIA or 3DS file. Uninstall any Ultra Sun / Ultra Moon updates before using a CIA or *.3ds build of Supernova Sun or Penumbra Moon.
    Warning: Spoilers inside!

    HANS Installation (Homebrew Launcher, no CFW) (Not Recommended)
    Requirements: NEW 3DS / NEW 2DS with a way to launch Homebrew Launcher, Pokémon Ultra Sun or Ultra Moon (Cartridge or eShop)
    • Because of HANS's limitations, it is recommended you install CFW on your 3DS instead of using this method. All 3DS models on firmware versions 11.3 or lower can install CFW using this guide with no additional purchases/hardware/games necessary. All 3DS models can install CFW with the aid of a $20 flash cart.
    • NOTE: Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon run in Extended Memory Mode on Old 3DS systems. HANS uses memory that is overwritten by Extended Memory Mode. Therefore, players need to have a New 3DS (or New 2DS) to run this hack through HANS.
    • NOTE: Poké Mart data is stored in a .cro file. Without custom firmware, the 3DS will crash when attempting to use edited .cro files. Therefore, players that only have the Homebrew Launcher will not get the Poké Mart changes in Supernova Sun or Penumbra Moon.
    Warning: Spoilers inside!

    [​IMG]Special Thanks[​IMG]

    • Kaphotics: for creating the stellar PK3DS.
    • SciresM: For making everything possible and coding the tools that form the base of PK3DS.
    • evandixon: For 3DSDotNetToolkit.
    • smealum: For HANS, making piracy and specialized hardware unnecessary to run ROMhacks.
    • Aurora Wright: For Luma3DS, especially Luma3DS 7.0+ LayeredFS. This is the ultimate form of "simple installation with no piracy required"!
    • neobrain: For Braindump.
    • dnasdw: For 3dstool.
    • JK: For JKSM.
    • Bernardo Giordano: For Checkpoint.
    • My dedicated beta testers: WolfLord, Skeletonluvr, and Jaredave. Without their help, this mod would be much more broken and much less fun.
    • Nintendo/GAME FREAK: For making a game series I've been devoted to for my entire life.

    [​IMG]Let's Plays[​IMG]
    Message me if you're doing a YouTube playthrough of these mods! I'll feature you in this section.
    [​IMG]Change Log[​IMG]
    Current Version: v1.0.5 (3/22/2018)​
    • Fixed a minor moveset issue

    Version 1.0.4 (2/07/2018)
    Warning: Spoilers inside!

    Version 1.0.3 (1/05/2018)
    Warning: Spoilers inside!

    Version 1.0.2 (12/27/2017)
    Warning: Spoilers inside!

    Version 1.0.1 (12/27/2017)
    Warning: Spoilers inside!

    Version 1.0.0 (12/26/2017)
    Warning: Spoilers inside!

    Download Here!

    .7z files can be extracted with 7-Zip.
    This 100% free project took over 300 hours of work to complete, and while it was a labor of love, I won't turn you down if you want to buy me a beer. Or a pizza.

    Pokémon, Pokémon Ultra Sun, Pokémon Ultra Moon, the Pokémon logo, and all other related content are intellectual property of GAME FREAK, Creatures Inc, The Pokémon Company, and Nintendo.
    This project is a free modification that requires an existing copy of Pokémon Ultra Sun or Pokémon Ultra Moon to function. It does not require, endorse, or encourage piracy of Nintendo or GAME FREAK content. If you want to play this mod, please purchase Pokémon Ultra Sun or Ultra Moon.
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  1. Dio Vento

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    Oct 27, 2015
    United States

    "HELP! The game freezes when I talk to a shopkeeper!"
    • This happens when you have a version mismatch on the Shop.cro file
    • If you're using a Drag & Drop install of the game, make sure Ultra Sun or Ultra Moon are updated to the latest version. If you're getting shop freezes while Ultra Sun or Ultra Moon are updated to the latest version, update the ROM hack by redownloading the installation package.
    • If you're using a *.3ds or *.cia install, make sure Ultra Sun or Ultra Moon are not updated at all. Uninstall updates from "Data Management" on the 3DS.
    • If you're using a HANS install, you copied the shop.cro file into the ROMFS folder. Re-download the hack and start over from the beginning, including re-dumping your game with Braindump and make sure you do not copy the shop.cro folder from the download pack.
    "I want to randomize the game and still use the Drag & Drop install method!"
    • PK3DS currently requires a complete ROM file system to be present to function. This means you need to follow these instructions to play a randomized game through Drag & Drop.
    • Download the Expanded Build of SnS/PuM and copy the luma folder to your SD card. Follow all instructions included with the Drag & Drop.
    • Follow the included instructions for building a CIA/3DS file. When you reach the part where you can randomize your wild encounters, say Yes and use PK3DS to randomize them.
    • Once you've randomized your Wild Encounters, copy /Extracted_ROM/romfs/a/0/8/2 and /Extracted_ROM/romfs/a/0/8/3 to the /luma/titles/16DIGITTITLEID/romfs/a/0/8 folder on your SD card. If there is no "8" folder inside romfs/a/0, create one. For reference, the Title IDs for Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon are 00040000001B5000 and 00040000001B5100 respectively.
    • Booting Ultra Sun or Ultra Moon should load Supernova Sun or Penumbra Moon with randomized wild encounters.
    • You can now delete your dumped ROM and your Extracted_ROM folder.
    "HELP! I want to use a cheat menu or NTR plugin, but (insert tool here) breaks with this mod!"
    • It's not up to me to fix these sorts of tools.
    • The reason these tools will sometimes break with Supernova Sun / Penumbra Moon is that they aren't capable of handling Luma3DS's LayeredFS implementation.
    • If you want to complain to someone about incompatibility, complain to the developers of the cheat menu or plugin that their tool doesn't support Luma3DS LayeredFS.
    • If you get random crashing during the ROM hack, do what you did again without any code.bin/code.ips/NTR hacks before you come here to report a "bug".
    "HELP! I get a black screen or crash dump error when I click Ultra Sun / Ultra Moon when using the Drag & Drop install method!"
    • Make sure you have properly removed any SaltySD-based hacks from your 3DS SD card as detailed at the top of this post.
    • Try deleting the files from SD:/luma/titles and re-copying them over to the SD. Plug your SD into your computer instead of using FTP or MicroSD Management for best results.
    • Update your Luma3DS install to the latest stable version and make sure "Enable Game Patching" is enabled. It's possible Luma3DS's "hourly" builds could break something important for the LayeredFS feature.
    • Make sure your 3DS firmware is on version 11.3 or greater (this is a requirement to run Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon).
    • Make sure you have the latest Ultra Sun / Ultra Moon update installed.
    • Remove any code.bin or code.ips patches from your Sun/Moon Title ID folder, then try again. A code patch for v1.0 of Ultra Sun or Ultra Moon can cause a freeze on startup or a crash dump, depending on which Luma version you're using. Make sure any code.bin patches you're using alongside Supernova Sun / Penumbra Moon are for the latest version of Sun or Moon.
    • As a last resort, it seems some CFW installations are having trouble with Ultra SM themselves. This user recommends formatting the system, which worked for him... I'd recommend running a System Update and making sure to also update and clear the configurations for Luma3DS before doing the system format.
    "HELP! When using the Drag & Drop pack, the game boots as normal Ultra Sun / Ultra Moon!"
    • Make sure the option "enable game patching" is enabled in your Luma3DS configuration.
    • Make sure you copied the luma folder from the ROM hack's install folder directly to the root of your 3DS SD card.
    • If you're using the Title Screen to tell the difference and you are playing in a language other than English, run the NonEnglish.bat file included in the Drag & Drop pack before you copy the files to the SD.
    • Make sure you don't have a code.bin in Ultra Sun or Ultra Moon's Title ID folder.
    • Make sure you're using the latest stable version of Luma3DS CFW. If you're on arm9loaderhax, follow this guide to update to boot9strap so you can use the latest Luma3DS version. The process is very quick (less than five minutes) and mostly consists of downloading and placing files on the SD card.
    • If you want to remain on arm9loaderhax for whatever reason, update your Luma3DS to version 7.0.5, which is the last stable version that supports a9lh.
    "HELP! I am having trouble building a CIA/*.3DS of this!"
    • Always dump your own ROM instead of downloading it from some piracy site. This isn't just for moral reasons: many pirate dumps of games are trimmed, compressed, or simply not decrypted and therefore will not extract correctly.
    • Make sure your rom is in the correct place. It should be in the folder you downloaded with the ROM hack, in "Extra_Files", like this.
    • Make sure your rom is named "rom.cia" or "rom.3ds" before you run the All_In_One.bat or Extract_ROM.bat file.
    • You can't build a 3DS file if your dump was from a CIA. You can build a CIA if your dump was from a 3DS file.
    • Both the extraction and rebuilding process will throw error messages at you during the process. Keep going until the process finishes.
    • You need 6GB of open storage space on your main system drive to use 3DS Toolkit. You also need 3GB of available RAM to dump and rebuild the game.
    • As a last resort, extract the ROM hack to the root of a hard drive and make sure you run the batch files as an administrator.
    • If all else fails, just use the Drag and Drop method. Any 3DS capable of installing CIAs is also capable of updating to the latest version of Luma3DS.
    • This ROM hack does not add Legendary Pokémon to the wild. This is a design choice made for the following reasons:
    • 3DS ROM hackers currently (and for the foreseeable future) can't alter the game script to add events, so adding Legendary Pokémon would just be sticking them in random grass patches as low-percentage encounters. That's ugly, feels hacky, and removes the reason Legendary Pokémon are cool in the first place.
    • Supernova Sun and Penumbra Moon are not balanced around the player using 650+ BST monstrosities. If I added Legendary Pokémon to the grass, they'd turn the supposedly challenging game into a cakewalk. If I balanced the game *around* Legendary Pokémon, you'd basically be required to either use them or grind and overlevel your team. More power to you if you want to go Ultra Wormhole hunting super-late in the game.
    • Hacked Legendary Pokémon cannot be converted to legitimate Pokémon by altering their data to make them "hatched from an egg". This means using Legendary Pokémon as a post-game reward is absolutely and completely pointless.
    • Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon don't have a National Dex, and any legendaries with illegitimate encounter history won't transfer to the Pokémon Bank.
    • And finally: I personally believe the game is more fun without them, and I want to present the most fun (in my opinion) way to play Pokémon in my ROM hacks.
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    Merry late Christmas Dio! Now you can finally take a break.
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    I freshly dumped my 2 carts on one 3DS for this, fantastic.
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    I still need to finish the game first, or maybe I'll restart with this mod.
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    Just finished Rutile Ruby so this is just in time, thanks, really been enjoying your hacks after playing the last 2
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    Unfortunately, there's still a bit of work to be done, I need to make a neat table of encounter locations so you guys don't have to look at the nightmare salad that is a raw enctable dump of a gen VII game.
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    This is awesome! Thank you very much!
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    Just made an account to say, congrats on the release and that I am building a cia. I haven't used my 3DS since last year so i'm still on a9lh and on an old version of luma. Hopefully that doesn't affect anything, currently waiting for the dump to finish.
  15. Dio Vento

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    That shouldn't cause problems as long as you're on Luma 7.0+, but it also takes literally five minutes to switch to b9s and get the better version of Luma3ds. Also, that makes it possible to use the Drag and Drop method for easier install and updating.
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    Dec 27, 2017
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    Well, i'm on 6.0 and updating gave an error (I assumed 7.0 doesn't support a9lh). But, what would that affect?
  17. broccolol9

    broccolol9 Member

    Dec 6, 2017
    United States
    That is awesome to hear. The neat encounter tables you had for RR/SS and Nova Sun/Umbra Moon is one of the main reasons I love your hacks. That and the hiding of what Pokemon trainers are about to switch into. Thanks for the hard work dude!
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  18. Dio Vento

    Dio Vento GBAtemp Fan

    Oct 27, 2015
    United States
    The Luma Updater app doesn't support a9lh Luma3DS anymore. Just follow the guide at http://3ds.guide/a9lh-to-b9s.html.
  19. YankeeFan802

    YankeeFan802 GBAtemp Regular

    Oct 21, 2008
    United States
    So from my understanding it uses the same save file. So if I wanted to go and play online ladder matches (Gamesync) I could just disable the patch and launch the game normally and all my teams/pokemon will be the same? Then just turn the patch on again once I'm finished?