Pokémon Supernova Sun & Penumbra Moon: Fully-Featured Ultra Sun / Ultra Moon ROM Hacks!

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    Oct 8, 2018
    Hi there,
    Hopefully, someone is still watching this post,
    Was wondering in game when battling and you knock out a trainers pokemon, the game doesn't tell you what pokemon he is sending out. I was wondering is there a way to change it to normal or is that intended?

    Sorry if this was posted elsewhere
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    Sorry if this has been asked, but I'm playing the expanded build from a drag and drop install on 3ds with Luma, but I'm not seeing any additional encounters, just the usual ones. Everything else is changed (shops, trainer teams, etc) but I have yet to run into a single new pokemon. when I tested it on Citra (with a patched rom file) it worked fine, I found the additional encounters. but for some reason with drag and drop it seems like everything else worked except for that. I do have game patching enabled and followed the directions for drag and drop exactly. could there be something I missed?
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    How is it possible, I started the game with the modified message from Prof. Kukui, I can see all the changes the mod makes to PokeMarts, but the trainers pokes are unmodded?

    Specifically i just encountered these two trainers in Paniola Ranch,
    bulbapedia.bulbagarden DOT net/wiki/Paniola_Ranch#Pok.C3.A9mon_Ultra_Sun_and_Ultra_Moon_2
    (sry i cant post links)
    Madame Elizabeth - carbink lvl 15
    Breeder Glenn - mudbray lvl 15
    Both trainers are the same in my game. This means the trainers in my game are not modded, correct?

    How can i test if the wild pokemon have been modded also?

    I read and searched this thread but cant find another case like this. Thank you.

    installed via drag'n'drop

    I fixed it. To any one else with similar problems, here is what i did:
    Back up save file with Checkpoint
    I re-named the luma/titles/00040000001B5100 to luma/titles/UNINSTALL_00040000001B5100 to start with just the updated Ultra Moon
    Began by following the "CIA or 3ds Build Instructions.txt"
    use godmode9 to dump the cia. (see "Game Dumping Instructions.txt")
    put the cia in Extra_Files and renamed it to "rom.cia" per "CIA or 3ds Build Instructions.txt"
    ran All_In_One.bat
    put the Modified_Rom.cia back on my SD card.
    Installed Modified_rom.cia with FBI
    start the game, -> its only standard Ultra Moon!! Crap!

    Then I tried the Drag and DROP method again, with no other changes, and what the hell, this time it worked.
    Restored my save, and instantly got my arse kicked...by an ass, actually. Breeder Glenn now has a lvl 30 Mudsdale and it wrecked me.
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    This plays really great. Any method of obtaining other region legendaries in game without trading?
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    certain post game areas have legends in them including the opposite versions legend.