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Pokemon - Icy Platinum
Rom Hack Info:
What Rom I use?: 3541 - Pokemon Platinum Version (U)
Current Version: 0.1 - Alpha
Language: English

This Is a Simple NDS hack of the game: Pokemon Platinum! This hack will include;
  • Every pokemon obtainable in game. (493)
  • More stronger/hard trainers
  • Some pokemon will be harder to capture/find and will include a few tm/hm... whores
  • Will change some pokemon sprites to there black and white sprites
  • Edited text for awesome/funny effects!
  • OW/Trainer sprites may be edited.
  • Smexy Ice stuff of awesomenessssss
*Coming soon*
More details of this hack coming soon
I would love some help with this hack, Any experience whether; Spriting, Hacking, music looping. ANYTHING, just pm me :D


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Oct 31, 2011
United Kingdom
D: Ill try to work something out, changing the name wise and such

Pale Platinum?
Bright Platinum?
Icy Platinum? :yay:
Platinum Grace?
Misty Platinum?
Pure Platinum?
Platinum Plus/ Platinum +
Zen Platinum?
Dark Platinum?

I'm just throwing names around :lol:

Deleted User

Haha, Thanks Ice!
Icy Platinum is better then anything I came up with :3
I hope you don't mind If I use it since... As you can see I'm shit at making names
Ill try and get the topic name changed D:
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