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  • I love ya mods, Dray!
    I just wanted to ask if you are planning on modding Pokemon Sun and Moon, when they are released in November :)
    Would love such a romhack considering how easy Pokemon games have become recently. haha
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    Nice Noroxus, we hope to see it coming!

    Thumbs up for:

    Pokemon Scorching Sun
    Pokemon Midnight Moon


    PS: Drayano, ure the best !
    Hey, I'm not really sure at this point. I did some OR/AS hacks but they didn't really get anywhere, likely because I released them so late and they aren't that unique. You can't script in 3DS hack so they're all pretty much the same and there's a guy who has popular OR/AS hacks who's planning to do S/M, so there's a good chance I may just let him do it and quit hack making myself. Depends how excited I get though :c
    Drayano i know you have not been on for so long i made account just to ask you something very important to me about your ss hack game, i feel bad playing this for free and i would like to donate if there is a way let me know if you ever come on again ?.?
    hi, i have a question about your sacred gold hack...
    im working on a pokemon sacred gold hack, is more a re-skin more than an actual hack...
    take a look:
    what im asking is:
    can i edit some parts of your hack?
    like editing bidoof and putting zekrom instead(or kyurem,or... buried alive...)
    also, stuff like the map...
    dont worry about the credits by the way :)
    Hey drayano.. First of all, big fan. Love all your hacks. I was wondering, I'm playing storm silver and I am missing the files that have the wild list the legendary list etc. is there anyway I can get you to send me that? I can give you my email. Let me know!
    hey dray, how do you get the other two sinnoh starter from cynthia in the bike shop??? i got the the first time i played before restarting, but cant seem to figure it out again haha oh and i currently only have the first 2 badges, if that helps.
    hey drayano i have a question. i love volt white and sacred gold so far but when i save and then exit it wont let me play them again. why is that?
    I'd like to see a Yellow remake hack.. i figure a HGSS with a reversed map path? i dunno.. what do you think?
    I'm playing Storm Silver and Blaze Black 2 now and i've got to admit i think they're awsome!
    Hey Drayano, I have a question. Let's say i install the clean versions of BB2/VW2 and catch them all. From there, I'd want to transfer them to X/Y through PokeBank. Would I be able to? PokeBank has a legality checker so I'm not sure if I could. Do you predict any problems?
    When's the Diamond/Pearl/Platinum hack going to come out?
    Drayano I've played most of your roms and I love them. Can you maybe plz make a D/P/Pt rom hack cause Simon region is my fav and I think it will be awesome
    i have hacked my BB2 VW2 to add in theme songs for all legendaries i felt like it was just missing. i also wanted to add in dark pokemon sprites now all the legendaries look like shadows
    Hey your sgss hacks are awesome! I'm just wondering about why you didnt give cloyster rock blast as a level up move. And also, does aerodactyl get anything from this hack, cuz i know that in bbvw2 he's got brave bird, head smash, and all that good stuff.
    hey Drayano with the anouncement of pokemon X and Y if you mod them may i recomend pokemon eXtreme for the title?
    awesome suggestion, if i may comment!
    maybe for Y you could name it "Ympetus" :D
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