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  • Yugix, r u done with the english patch? If do,would u send it via my email? Thanks in advance
    Hi Yugix, you can send me link of digimon world lost evolution in english? please
    Hello. is it possible for you to send me a copy of the translated text? I'm not looking for a beta game where the text is in the game already, just the text file of the translation so i could have an easier time trying to play the game.
    The traslation of Digimon lost evolution is actualy in progress? Can i recive the game even if it isn't finished...
    And the last question: you will release the patch as "beta" before finish it?
    Sorry my bad english i'm italian u.u
    My email is [email protected]
    C-Can i meet you this weekend? Please?? I really need the Eon Ticket,
    Oh, and if you can give me your phone number for whatsapp that'll be nice, or at lease your facebook email.
    Thanks for the translation project mate. I don't know what had happened to my time if I had not seen your thread. Keep up the good work!
    well , you know it is hard to see someone from Bahrain :P hehe , btw i'm from Hamad Town :) and nice 2 meet you ^^
    Hi Yugix, I just wanna now if u r still working on the E-Patch of DigimonS:L.E. Its been 2 years since ur last comment about it and i just thought if u are stuck or make some more progress or definitely u dump the project (which i think is a little sad). But is ur call pal. Just one thing more: why don't release a beta patch for testing proposes. I'm willing to try it even its not complete.
    Hi, We are still working on it.
    We are just slowly doing it since the translators are not working regularly.
    We will do the beta test when story is finished, it is not much if we find someone who is free.
    hi, i had added you.. pls add me back thanks...
    FC: 2552-1076-7693
    need safari's friend..
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