Hardware GBA Pokemon LeafGreen save fails on EZ-Flash ODE but succeeds on emulator


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Jan 3, 2023
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I have an EZ-Flash Omega Definitive Edition flashcart, and I've been playing Pokemon LeafGreen on it. At some point, my LeafGreen save became corrupted in such a way that I can no longer save my game on the flashcart. Instead, when I try to save, the game displays "Save failed. Checking the backup memory..." followed by "Save error. Please exchange the backup memory."

However, I can open that same save file in a GBA emulator and save successfully. The .sav file produced by the emulator is then "fixed" - I'm able to load it back to my flashcart, and can then save from there. But after a couple hours of play, the save will eventually fail again.

I tried opening the broken save file in PKHEX, a Pokemon save editor. The editor read the save successfully, and its checksum validation tool passed, so that didn't reveal any problems.

My flashcart has kernel 1.03, fw6, and the SimpleDE installed on it. Although I have experienced random hangs in other games (maybe once every few hours on average), I have not experienced any form of save corruption on the cart prior to this. The copy of Pokemon LeafGreen is Rev 1, with a CRC-32 checksum of DAFFECEC.

The save file is attached. A friend of mine, who has an EZ-Flash ODE that hasn't had any problems to date, also tested the same save file and experienced the same save error. I do not have any other GBA flashcarts at hand to test this.

Why does the save fail on the EZ-Flash ODE, but succeed in an emulator? Is there a way to more permanently repair the save file so that it stops corrupting?


  • Pokemon - LeafGreen Version (USA, Europe) (Rev 1).zip
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