Pokemon Diamond Freeze

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    Dec 25, 2007
    Have a save file on the german version for P. Diamond on a DS Firecard. After about 20 hours of playtime I (my lil' sis) reached "Trostu" (The town right after the Pokemon graveyard tower). When she tried to pass the road right after the town's pokemon center the game freezes.
    I then tried to figur out what the the problem(s) is but still couldn't fix it after several restarts.
    I found out that areas before the "freeze-point" from the game work fine (able to battle, going into houses ect.)
    I then tried to copy the save game from this card to another card (another firecard) but the intro screen from Diamond says something like "save game is deleted because it has errors" in this second card instead of allowing me to use to save game like in the first card (which is strange because the two card is both firecards).

    Does this happened to any1 else and can somebody help me (my sis)?
    If it can help I also have a M3DSR