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  1. Sterling

    Sterling GBAtemp's Silver Hero

    Jan 22, 2009
    United States
    The object of this contest is to cheat. Yes, I said cheat. In celebration of the long awaited release of r11 of PPSE-DS, I want you the player to Edit your save using PPSE-DS, but not just any save. You must make a new save for either HG or SS and start over. I want you to hack your dream team from the start, and play from start to hall of fame as fast as possible, but as always there are some rules:

    1) Your team must be clones of your starter, and you must always have your starter in your party (any evolution however).
    2) When you hack your team, they must be within legal boundaries. eg: proper Evs and Ivs, only the abilities a Pokemon can naturally have, etc.
    3) You must use PPSE-DS, no other sav editing program allowed.
    4) You cannot catch any new Pokemon (Why would you since you need to go through as fast as you can,), however mandatory hatching is the exception..
    5) You cannot hack any items into your bag, only held items.
    6) The only hacking you can do is the initial hacking, and after you post a download link to your newly hacked sav, you may not hack it again.
    7) There is no duplicate Pokemon allowed.
    8) When you enter, you must upload your sav in this topic. I will be checking the original sav with your completed save.
    9) You may have up to 3 HM Slaves, so you don't have to waste your valuable movesets.
    10) You may not hack your money.
    11) If I catch any hint of improper cheating, or manipulation you will be disqualified.
    12) After you post a link to your sav, you may NOT edit you posts until the contest has been closed. Before you upload it and post, you'd better make sure that's what you wanted. If I see you edit your post before it has been closed, you have been disqualified.

    I would like you to upload your sav in a .rar file with your username as the rar file name. When you upload your completed hall of fame file after the contest has been closed to new entrants, I want you to edit your post, and post a new rar file with the same name as you other one, but with a 2 in its name.

    I am also playing through, but not as an entrant. I will be finishing the game as quick as possible, but at my leisure. When I finish, the contest will be closed to new entrants, and when the others finish up (within reason), I will be posting a screen shot of my time, and any time faster than it will be up for examination for improper cheating. If there is no one faster than me who didn't improperly cheat, then there will be 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and a donation for the continued development for this immensely useful software. Otherwise, it will only be a grand prize, and a donation to Chase-san.

    Grand prize = a SuperCard DSTWO
    1st: $10 order from ShopTemp
    2nd: $8 order from ShopTemp
    3rd: $5 order from Shoptemp

    Donation = $20

    EDIT: Forgot to mention, but you guys can discuss it but you cannot edit discussion posts with your entries, only a new post will be acceptable for an entry.

    EDIT 2: Looking at the lack of interest at even a mention of a contest involving pokemon is saddening. I guess I'll ask for a lock. :/
  2. RupeeClock

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    May 15, 2008
    This is utterly daft, just do a raffle or a competitive tournament.

    There's no serious way you can ask people to do a speedrun with a hacked team, and still think it can all be legal.
  3. Sterling

    Sterling GBAtemp's Silver Hero

    Jan 22, 2009
    United States
    Z.Z I figured someone was going to say this... You're absolutely right. There is no way for me to know they did it completely legal. I did however make it just complicated enough to where perhaps a casual: "Oh I can pull one over on this guy" guy wouldn't even touch the contest. Also, I have already done this myself. Which is why I asked them to upload their sav files, because I know approximately how much time it would take. I also hate drab raffles. Why give your money away when you can make your money make people do something amusing. Also, how do you know that these competitive tournaments are completely fair? To prove a point, I went to a local tournament, and I pokesaved one of my pokemon to opedness. It looked legit, but it wasn't and it pwned everyone. The only thing that kept me from winning with just that one pokemon was that the other guy had a stroke of dumb luck. So yea, I cannot be %100 sure it happened legal, but I have made measures to be pretty damn sure it is.
  4. Nah3DS

    Nah3DS Madre de Dios! Es El POLLO DIABLO!!!

    Feb 9, 2010
    you could send the price to argentina?
  5. TrolleyDave

    TrolleyDave Philosolosophising

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    Jan 1, 2007
    Wales, UK
    Locked at Sterl's request. [​IMG]
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