pokebank error 006-1602 after extended the service

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    aos10 how i fotochop?

    Apr 10, 2012
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    so , i am on 3DS XL using sysnand 9.2
    in order to extend the service i need to update to 9.5
    so , i update to 9.5 emunand ( because i still want to be on 9.2 )
    and soo, i update my super smash to 1.05 and extended the poke bank service

    here what happen , the bank work in classic mode gateway on 9.5
    but when i return to 9.2 , it give me that error 006-1602

    searched online and found this


    of course , that will not help my issue

    is there a way to open the bank on sysnad 9.2 ?