Please help me with Homebrew Launcher (vWii)

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    Aug 8, 2018
    So a few days ago, I installed what I now presume to be a corrupt copy of IOS58. I read somewhere that this is what I needed to install USBLoaderGX as a channel, and so I did; I installed IOS58. Alas, it did not work, as mid-installation the app I used to install the IOS crashed, and I had to hard power off my Wii U. Now, whenever I try to launch the homebrew launcher on my vWIi, a pitch black screen appears, my Wiimote disconnects, and I have to yet again hard power off my Wii U. I assume my homebrew launcher is corrupted. I tried installing hackmii using wuphax to delete and re-install the homebrew channel, but the same thing happens when I launch the Mii Channel. Please help me fix this situation, it is very annoying and I am in no way an expert.



    PS I just joined GBATemp, so forgive if I made any mistakes regarding this thread and please tell me what they were, thanks!!
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