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    PES 2013

    Little Review PES 2013 (Latest Edition)

    Actually I am not a fan of football, but just likes to play football on handhelds, so to

    updates lineup per team and the details, im not quite familiar: p

    - Price Nintendo eShop Canada: 29.99 + 5% tax
    - 7003 ~ 875 MB SD Blocks

    - Main Menu:
    = Match (Exhibition, Quick Start, PK Shootout)
    = Network (Online Match, Match Wireless, StreetPass)
    = UEFA Champions League (Competition, Exhibition)
    = Copa Santander Libertadores (Competition, Exhibition)
    = Master League
    = Become a Legend
    = World Player
    = League
    = Cup
    = Training
    = Edit (Edit Player, Register Player, Edit Team Edit logo, etc.)
    = Gallery (Playlist Edit, Edit Track, Replay Playback, Credit, PES-Shop)
    = System Settings (Touch Config, Config Button, Sound, Language

    - Display menus do not vary much with PES 2011 and 2012, the ritual pre-match ritual
    still the same

    Visual and Gameplay:

    - 3D only active on match, the rest all in 2D
    - Players now More Realistic Movement, Advance Advance Players well defined
    - Tends to be fast paced game, Beginner and Amateur modes are quite normal paced
    - When 3D is enabled, framerate drop not noticable during game, but
    during every cutscene, it seems that slower framerate noticeable, as seem from 30fps to 24fps.
    - When the 3D OFF, antialias activated, so all 3D objects became smoother, overall
    visual become better (makes me wanna play mostly in 2D), the same effect as in
    SFIV-3D and RE-Revelation

    Quite realistic sound from the atmosphere, and the commentator.

    If I compare personal with FIFA 2013, PES 2013 is better in terms of visual and
    realistic and gameplay, this might be a personal opinion,

    but for those already had compare these title, would say the same

    Overall if I value about 8/10 , a must have .. :) (for soccer lover)
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    Nov 15, 2013

    hi, fancy a game sometime? add me - 5343-7829-0206
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    i prefer inazuma eleven
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    I really wish they would release 2014 on 3DS.

    I guess sales just weren't good.

    Shame because they actually made an effort on the 3DS port.

    The FIFA games on 3DS are so abysmal its actually shocking.
  5. RitchieRitchie

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    Nov 15, 2013
    Yeah, 2013 is good though. You have it? Want a game?