Partial/Full NAND Emulation?

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    I looked around and found no real description what exactly what is, what one does and the other doesn't do. I'm using USB Loader GX and got a lot of options for NAND emulation, including full/partial channel emulation and various other features. In the end, I have no idea what which switch exactly does. Can someone properly explain each option Loader GX provides me?

    Specifically - I don't know whether it's possible - I just want to use emu NAND for storing the actual games/channels. Savedata, miis and wii related stuff itself should remain on the wii's nand. Which switches do i need to flip for this to happen, if it were possible?
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    Nand Emu Save : affects Wii games and Channels (Virtual console and WiiWare) installed on Real NAND.
    Nand Emu Channels : Affects Channels (Virtual console and Wiiware) installed on EmuNAND.

    NAND Emu Save:
    Disabled: default, load/save everything from real NAND.
    Partial: Load/save the savegames from EmuNAND save path. Use other settings from real NAND (Mii, network, Wiimote synch, etc.)
    Full: redirect everything to EmuNAND (savegame, mii, network, wiimote, etc.)

    NAND Emu Channel:
    Disabled: not possible. As this option refer to channels installed on EmuNAND, you can't disable EmuNAND setting.
    Full: redirect everything to EmuNAND (savegame, mii, network, wiimote, etc.) like wii games, but also load the Channel data from the EmuNAND.
    Partial: I don't understand this mode.

    What you want it the contrary to how EmuNAND is working.
    You would like to store Channels on EmuNAND, but still save on RealNAND. (maybe that's what the Partial is doing?) and use the real NAND settings (mii, etc.) (partial can't do that)

    I don't think it's possible, as the Emulation works by redirecting access to a folder on the realNAND to another one on SD or USB.
    The Partial mode redirect only the /title/ folder (which store the savegames), while the full mode redirect all folders.

    so it's either:
    Partial : Used all folder on Wii, and /title/ on emuNAND
    Full : use all folders on EmuNAND

    I know d2x cIOS allow access to real NAND, even when in Full Emulation mode, but I don't know how to use this feature.
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    thanks Cyan! That helps me a lot already!
    If someone knows what Partial NAND emulation does, please tell me :)