Panel de Pon / Tetris Attack for DS

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    I loved this on SNES and when it was Pokemon Puzzle League on GBC. Also came out on GBA, looks very basic but I do hope there's a lot of modes and.


    More screens yah

    Out in Japan 24th April, from DS IGN:
    "Developed by Intelligent Systems, Panel de Pon DS is a DS instalment in the puzzle title that's variously known as Tetris Attack, Pokemon Puzzle League and Pokemon Puzzle Challenge. The rules are different from Tetris, but the point is the same: eliminate tiles and make combos.

    The DS version adds a few elements to the mix, including the expected stylus-based controls. Just like Tetris, you'll be able to play against far off players thanks to included Wi-Fi support. With Puzzle de Pon, the multiplayer support is limited to 4 simultaneous players, although the included voice chat should keep things exciting. Nintendo is working some items into the multiplayer mode that promise to keep all players on their toes."

    I had to correct a few grammar errors [​IMG]

    No other region release so far but its bound to be out everywhere, but probably under the Tetris Attack moniker.
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    [​IMG] This serie is great! >w<

    From side eh? [​IMG]

    Wifi?! :wtf: Even better!
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    Splendifferous news!
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    got tetatt to keep me busy until this is released :B
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    nice i hate sidway holding the nds yuck but the game will be good hopefually it will come out in the us !
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    Aug 4, 2006
    TetAttDS anyone?