Homebrew ¿Painless upgrade from 7.0.1 to 8.0.1?


Sep 27, 2019
Supercluster de alfa centauri
Hi there!
I´m new at the forums. I chose gbatemp to make my question because it´s where I´ve found relevant answers before as a lurker.
However, I´m now stuck with something that needs some guidance.
I´m currently on ofw 7.0.1 and ams 0.9.3.
I´d like to upgrade to 8.0.1 so I can install ams 0.9.4, but can´t do it through Nintendo´s updater because I´m banned and of course don´t want to be in 9.0.0.
I heard there is a homebrew named Choidujour which allows users to manually upgrade to any firmware.
I don´t have my nand backed up -something important as I´ve been able to read in many threads-.

How do I make this upgrade as painless as possible?
Should I wait for another ofw iteration like 9.0.2 and wait to see what does Atmosphere do with all the hid and cartridge slot issues on 9.0.0?

Thank you in advance guys.

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