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    ok in my previouse posts i said i had to format my sd card, i did, and now i have no games, ive played many games and have already checked the essentials and i had played half of them so basicly im ouyt of ideas tell me what games i might (or you do) like

    i like rpg's, adventure, not rts, and not battle systems like final fantasy i like platformers but dont like battle system like fire emblem (eg. disgaea)

    so please help!
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    Come again?

    Your information is too little.
    You like RPGs

    -There are a few types of RPG:
    "Standard" RPG, as in, what Final Fantasy(I-X) is, battles in a special battlefield, provides (usually) linear gameplay
    "Sims" RPG, made popular by Harvest Moon, and basically, what Harvest Moon is
    "Action"RPG, pretty much like Kingdom Hearts and Shining Force, you do some actions, but in heart, it's RPG

    "Standard" Adventure: you go around, doing things
    "Action" Adventure, a good example is Devil May Cry, it's just like that, an adventure with lots of action
    "First-Person" Adventure, like CSI 3, you go around in frist-person view
    "Third-Person" Adventure, you go around in 3rd person view, take a look at GTA
    "Text" Adventure, take a good-hard look at Phoenix Wright series and you'll get the idea. Also known as "visual novel" games

    I can't find any good RTS NDS games. And you don't want RTS either

    -Platformers: I haven't played lots of platformers, but N+ is quite good, Castlevanias are good too

    -Battle system like Fire Emblem (Turn Based Strategy)
    There are some good games for DS in TBS section, but you don't want it, okay.

    Now, the only problem being, what kind of RPG and adventure do youw ant? as there are at least 4 categories for each type of game
  3. Raika

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    Sep 15, 2008
    No idea what games you want, but here:
    New Super Mario Bros
    Castlevania Series
    Metroid Prime Hunters
    Mario & Luigi: Partners In Time
    Pokemon D/P/P
    The Legend Of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass
    Final Fantasy: Chocobo Tales
    Megaman StarForce Series
    Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Series
    Pokemon Ranger
    Kirby Superstar Ultra
    Spectrobes: Beyond The Portals
    Spiderman: Web Of Shadows
    Summon Knight: Twin Age
    and that's about it.[​IMG]
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    I'm assuming you never backed up your games and savs on your computer?
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    Oct 23, 2008
    For arpg, try Zelda.

    For rpg, the coming Chrono Trigger might be your type(It uses some of a runtime battle system also).

    Both are really good games.