Original "Metal Gear" for the MSX is getting an unofficial fan port to the Sega Genesis / Mega Drive


The original MSX titles that started the whole Metal Gear franchise have generally been side-lined from the mainstream Metal Gear games, with most gamers usually jumping straight into "Metal Gear Solid" for the PlayStation instead.

While the original titles have seen its fair share of re-releases throughout the years, with both MSX titles being re-released for Virtual Console on Wii, and included in MGS3 Subsistence, as well as the HD Edition pack. However, the most popular release of the original Metal Gear is the port released for the NES back in 1987, although this version had its fair share of compromises when compared to the original MSX release, still leaving the original MSX as the proper definitive version to experience this entry in the Metal Gear franchise (and the same can be said for its sequel, "Metal Gear: Solid Snake").

Since its original release, there hasn't been a faithful port (only re-releases) of any sort to other consoles based on the original other than the NES one, which as mentioned, sacrificed a lot from the original and wasn't being worked on directly by Kojima himself.

This is where the homebrew community jumped in.

Twitter user, coder and game developer, h0ffman, has announced and showcased an on-going work of a port of the original "Metal Gear" MSX title into the Sega Genesis / Mega Drive. The port showcased by h0ffman on Twitter is still in beta stages, but from what can be seen, it's already in a playable state, and could feature a lot of options for the user to play with based on the different releases of the title, like different game modes (English Remix) and Audio options based on different systems, as hinted by the "Amiga Enhanced" option in the menu.

Those interested can follow h0ffman's work on Twitter to check the on-going development of this port.

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