one Last thing before Jumping to A9LH

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    ok i got my OTP.bin i got the Installer compiled,i got AuReiNand downloaded
    w/ rxTools im used to not needing to patch AGB_FIRM/TWL_FIRM

    i know i haveto manually install from THAT iso site the patched TWL_FIRM, Do i also haveto do this for AGB_FIRM? or are the patches inplace w/ AuReiNand? ( i use GBA VC's more than i do my old AceKard 2i and i have a R4i 3DS Gold if i really haveto for DS-Mode games.)

    and since my current setup is [MenuHAX]-> ctrbootmanager Load between rxTools/Decrypt9/Emunand9/Homebrew Loader

    what do i need to keep a Similar boot process after i install A9LH? and is there a way to Show a vers String in AuReiNand in system Settings? ( i know its clear cut that 9.2 means i've been tossed into SysNand, 10.7+ i'm in EmuNand. )

    i know i'm being a bit anal i just dont want to Fuck up something royal. i do have someone i know who could setup a hardmod on my 3DS if i Brick (i do have Backups of both my EmuNand and sysNand if i do.)
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    Use bootctr9 for a bootloader, and I havent checked lately, but I believe agb needs to be patched manually as well.
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    I had to patch both manually
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    You should manually install patched AGB_FIRM and TWL_FIRM as AuReiNand does not do patches for them. IMO it's not a bad idea even if it did do patches for them.

    There is CtrBootManager9 which can give you a very similar feel as CtrBootManager from Menuhax. It'll let you chose between CFWs (AuReiNand and Cakes are probably your best bets from A9LH), as well as the A9LH versions of Decrypt9WIP and EmuNAND9. Homebrew Launcher is not bootable directly from A9LH/CtrBootManager9 though, and likely never will. For that, you'll want to installed the Homebrew Launcher CIA into any NANDs that you want to be able to launch it from.

    Neither AuReiNand nor Cakes modify the version string. However, it is a moot point. Once A9LH is installed, you are literally incapable of booting into a non-modified SysNAND. Even if you boot AuReiNand into SysNAND, AuReiNand would still be active and thus the version string would be patched there as well.

    Basically, once you have A9LH installed, so long as you use CFW that blocks writes to the A9LH portion of SysNAND, you are pretty much impervious to bricks so long as you have a NAND backup from after A9LH was installed. Even if you fuck up SysNAND to the point of not booting, you should still be perfectly able to boot straight to Decrypt9 and restore a backup.