old3ds bricked in 2.1 without a nand backup

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    Jul 7, 2017
    HI i hope im posting in the right place.
    so i recently received a bricked old3ds that does not have a nand backup.
    the way the 3ds was bricked from the previous user is that he followed a tutorial on youtube from january to install a9lh via safehax on 11.2.
    he succesfully did the ctr transfer and booted into 2.1 however the files he used from the video had an otp file from the users video and bricked this system after pressing select to finish installing a9lh. since the previous owner lost the sd card where the 11.2 nand backup was located prior to the 2.1 ctr transfer, he gave me his 3ds bricked on 2.1.
    i hardmodded it and made a nand dump of the bricked 2.1 img.
    i installed boot9strap with the corresponding 2.1 firm ( i did use all the correct tools, i am very experienced with installing cfw on all 3ds models via hardmod and software) however once i have the nand patched bin and inject it to the console it gives me the tipical blue screen of an incorrect nand image.
    i saw from a previous post that one user reccommended opening the nand patched bin in hex editor and modifying firm0 on the bricked dump, copying from offset 0x0B130000 to 0x0B530000 from the modified nand to the raw dump.
    however i have no idea how to do this or if there is a less complicated method.
    im pretty sure that since the console was bricked on 2.1 with a different 3ds otp theres probably a compatibility issue when injecting the 2.1 firm to the bricked nand. any help is very much appreciated and please correct me if im wrong. thanks in advance.
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