WIP Odamex - A classic DooM multiplayer port for Nintendo Switch

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    Feb 2, 2019

    Odamex is a multiplayer-centric client/server source port originally based on Zdoom 1.22/csDoom. Despite offering many modern features and comforts, the engine is also capable of playing back many vanilla Doom demos. In addition to its strong netcode, other significant modern features include a truecolor software renderer, widescreen, uncapped frame rates, on-the-fly wad loading, and net demos with playback controls. So far, it has been reported to run on Windows, OSX, the common linux distros, XBox, Wii, Amiga.... And now the Nintendo Switch !

    This port currently ONLY WORKS ON 0.8.1 servers !

    Warning: Spoilers inside!

    Features :
    • Native Doom port, powered by SDL2
    • Everything in bold above.
    • Midi support using Timidity.
    • Rebinding buttons is fully supported.
    • Online multiplayer has been reported as fully working !
    • like nxQuake2, a button to quickly change sensitivity with a press of a button
    • Fully crossplatform (aka able to play online vs/with <whateveryoursystemis>)
    • No Brutal-Doom, or overdetailed GZDoom stuff. It's purely vanilla ! :P

    Known bugs/problems :
    • Partial invisibility is red on 32bit color for some reason.
    • if saving using an exFAT partition, crashes may happen.
    • The game will be seriously slow if trying to use a higher resolution than 640x480. This is due to to a lack of rendering optimisation, and has been reported on the bugtracker.
    • When using the console (to connect to a game for instance) or going back to the HOME menu, the game will speedup, the longer you are.
    • You cannot do a full Strafe40 with the joystick yet. This has been reported on Odamex aswell, and we are trying to find a compromise for this. <- PARTIAL FIX ADDED
    • When on the console, hitting some buttons or moving the joystick adds random characters, but this is an Odamex bug aswell, not due to this port.
    • WAD loading can be slow. If that happens, Odamex will act super fast for a few seconds after loading the files.
    • (not a bug but) WAD downloading is often disabled on Odamex because of a bug. If you don't have the PWADs, go to idGames and transfer them to your SD card that way.

    If you happen to find additional bugs, please tell us here in the Bug Report.

    Installation Guide :
    • Unzip everything at the root of the SD Card.
    • Add FREEDOOM1.WAD/FREEDOOM2.WAD/DOOM.WAD/DOOM2.WAD/TNT.WAD/PLUTONIA.WAD and all of your vanilla PWADs inside <sdcard>/switch/odamex
    • Start Odamex in the HBL menu.
    • Have fun !
    Multiplayer :
    Odamex currently supports 0.8.1 servers. Just write connect followed by the ADDRESS and PORT of the server. (example : connect phobos.baseq.fr:20001 )

    If you need a list of servers, please go to https://odamex.net/servers in order to get a list with their IPs.

    If you want to discuss, and request some multiplayer games, please go to the official Discord server below.

    Webpage: http://odamex.net
    Discord : https://discord.gg/aMUzcZE
    SOURCE CODE : https://github.com/Ch0wW/odamex , branch switch - This will soon be merged with the official git - will update when it'll happen.

    Credits to :
    • iD Software, definitely for Doom
    • @fgsfds as he made the port !
    • The Odamex team for the port itself

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    I'll just throw this in the pile of doom switch ports. But seriously, this looks SWEET!
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    Jan 18, 2018
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    The more Doom the better :)
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    Know of any way to type in the chat in-game?

    You can activate "say" but obviously cant type as no keyboard prompt for switch
  5. Ch0wW

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    Feb 2, 2019
    I've nearly finished support for chat as I just added support for chatmacros. I've also fixed a few stuff here and there, added hardcoded spectator keys (using LEFT/RIGHT on the DPAD to spectate between clients).
    All I need to do now is to make a custom menu for the vote options, do some more fixes, and I plan to make a release in the next few days/hours since 0.8.1 is official since yesterday.

    And a few "favorite" servers too because, why not.

    EDIT : slightly updated the post to announce the official release of 0.8.1.
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    Feb 2, 2019
    A new update of the port has been released ! This one mainly fixes some user problems that I've encountered, and tried to improve it slightly.

    This update is compatible with all 0.8.1 servers, now that the port has been officially updated !

    - Updated with Odamex 0.8.1's release.
    - Added a very basic multiplayer submenu
    in order not to have some very specific binds in your config (like the votes, spectating, or to chat).
    - Added support for chat/teamchat
    - Added chat macros (more informations below)
    - Added complete support for the automap (see below)
    - You can now change faster your color
    - As a spectator, DPAD-LEFT (previous player) and DPAD-RIGHT (next player) have been hardcoded to watch other player's PoV
    - Added experimental values for the joystick that will make you closer to do SR40. You can enable it in the joystick menu.

    Automap controls :
    Warning: Spoilers inside!

    CHAT & Chatmacros
    Warning: Spoilers inside!

    Original post has been updated.

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