Nyko's wired "Wing" controller... How good is it?

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    May 3, 2010
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    I was browsing my local Gamestop and saw that they had the wired model of the Wing in light blue for $14. Thinking about picking up one (or two) to use with my Mayflash "Wii Classic Controller to USB adapter" and my plethora of emulators and roms, but I'd like to know more details about it from folks who actually own it and have used it in games before I make any decisions.

    #1: How accurate is the Dpad? (load Zelda LttP, do the 4 straight directions, then circles and diagonals).

    #2: Are zL and zR clicky metal buttons, or are they rubber contact buttons? (I'd prefer the latter).

    #3: How tight / resistant are the analog sticks?

    #4: How good do YXBA feel when you press them?


    My other consideration was Hori's Gamecube styled Classic Controller (with actual YXBA's like the SNES instead of the Gamecube's bizzaro buttons), but again I'd wanna know just how good it was first, especially since the cheapest I'm seeing them go for is $34 on Ebay.


    And sure, there's the Classic Controller Pro, which I did try out and then promptly returned due to its loose Dpad and weak sticks whose tops wobbled at the slightest touch (unlike the one flat Classic I have whose Dpad is nice and firm and whose sticks are tight and non-wobbly).