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    Discussion of keys is fine, but do not, under any circumstance link to nintendo 3DS 7.x keys. They are copy right of Nintendo. Treat keys like you would treat any other warez. No posting, no links. Google can be your friend if you must.

    [​IMG] Unless of course you want a bump in your warn level that is [​IMG]

    If you have to question it, dont post it.

    Or at least PM a mod.

    But not TJ_cool. Hes way to busy with other stuff to worry about your little problems.

    EDIT: I swear the day I am able to monetize my likes is the day I am set for life.
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    See also what happened when various Blu ray and HD DVD keys got leaked.

    Anyway by most accounts there is nothing interesting in these keys beyond what they can be used for. Nintendo has not chosen the keys poorly*, just poorly implemented the key security.

    *examples might be numbers counting up (I recall something with the panasonic Q drive), picked 00000000 (often a bad thing to do in cryptography, as is trying to encrypt or hash said numbers), just inverted another existing key (which they did before, also for something in the gamecube DVD drive world), fluffed a random number generator, picked a non prime number for prime factoring based encryption and reused one time pad keys.
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