NNID, MSET DG, and System Restore?

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  1. reiyu

    reiyu Canadian, eh?

    Jan 8, 2008
    I'm thinking of downgrading a 10.3 unit with an NNID tied to it and doing CFW with unlinked nands without losing any data. Here's my though process:

    1. Downgrade to 9.2
    2. Downgrade MSET, that way NNID settings won't be present when I unlink
    3. Factory reset to unlink

    My question would be, would this even work? Would I still get that NNID error on emunand if I do this? I'm just trying to think about not losing all other data, hopefully this works.
  2. Aroth

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    Apr 14, 2015
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    This sounds more or less like what I did after I transferred my games/saves/nnid from my O3DS XL a few months ago, minus the downgrade obviously. Pretty sure I already had MSET downgraded at the time (which now that i think about it might be why I had to use HANS to access the transfer app instead of FMP and the going into settings), so maybe this explains why I never had the problem that everyone seems to be having now.