New to 3DS Homebrews, need some help/advice.

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    Oct 26, 2015
    Hello everyone.

    I am trying to get a save game manager to work on my 3DS and need some help installing a homebrew.

    I have an old school 3DS XL (Japanese version) and recently finally got it online, and went to the store to find Cubic Ninja, but it wasn't there. *sigh* but the store upgraded my firmware to 10.1.something-or-other. So I assume I will either 1) have to wait for a version compatible with this firmware comes out or 2) downgrade my firmware... which leaves the question of how I go about doing that.

    Next comes the problem of which method to use. I can't use Cubic Ninja because I don't own a copy of it. And I hear other methods include games that I also don't have access to. (I live in Taiwan so not all games available in Japan/the US will be available here as well.)

    I am also guessing that I'm going to need to procure a SD card reader to hook up to my computer, which is not that hard many stores carry them here. Or in a pinch I suppose I could put it in my phone and plug the phone into the computer that way lol.

    Any recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks much.
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