New Switch Lite bannable?

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  1. SybreTiger

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    So I just bought a Switch Lite today, to be my "legal" Switch. I have a day 1 hacked Switch. My question is, can I link the Nintendo account from my old Switch, to my new Switch Lite, without risk of ban? I've never gone online with the old Switch, and the console is not banned. However, I don't know that if I logged online, if they would detect anything, and ban me. So if I link my old Nintendo account to the new Switch Lite (so I have access you previously purchased e-shop stuff before I modded the old Switch), would they detect that a Switch had previously been modded on that account and ban the new Switch Lite? Should I just cut my losses and make a new Nintendo account to linki to the new Switch Lite?
  2. Rahkeesh

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    Apr 3, 2018
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    Nintendo generally ban consoles for detected CFW, not accounts. Plenty of people here have a banned and a legit online switch. So you're probably safe, but of course nothing is certain.

    If you're really feeling paranoid, you can almost certainly remove your Nintendo account from your old switch in some way or another. That way if it ever does end up going online, there wouldn't be anything linking it to your Nintendo account.
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  3. Pluupy

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    My old 3DS was banned with my Nintendo account attached. I bought a new 3DS and stupidly linked that same account and that new 3DS was also banned. The ban will transfer. To clarify, I had a super ban on my account which was a ban of BOTH the console AND the account.

    Make the new account.
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  4. fragged

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    Just because that's how it worked with the 3DS does not mean that's going to happen on the Switch. Nintendo bans actual consoles, not the account itself. Seen many posts here reflecting this. Only exception would probably if you were doing modding an online game, but even then if it were only a temporary ban the account itself is not going to ban a virgin Switch if transferred after the ban is lifted.
  5. TheZander

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    There's been some artifacts left over that indicate Nintendo is banning consoles now based on owners just thinking about hacking. It's bs i think big companies should stay out of our minds.
  6. snoofly

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    Basically no one knows 100% so if you want to be completely safe do what Pluupy says
  7. sj33

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    Oct 22, 2013
    The ban will not transfer. Many people have been in the same situation. Only the console gets flagged for a ban, not the account. The account can be carried over to a 'clean' Switch and it will work fine.
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  8. linuxares

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    Of course you can transfer it. They rather want you to pay than to pirate. So banning your account would be backwards.
  9. bodefuceta

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    Apr 3, 2018
    If you really never went online after modding the old Switch, there's no way a ban will transfer over. I think you can allege on Nintendo's website that the old Switch was stolen to unlink your account from it and not risk a ban by accidentally going online.
  10. sj33

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    Oct 22, 2013
    You don’t even need to do that. Contrary to popular belief, you can unlink the console in the account page on the Nintendo website - albeit only once per year. If you do need to phone them, just say the old machine is missing.
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