New SuperCard DSTWO Video player is coming

Discussion in 'Supercard' started by Aaliyah, Oct 15, 2010.

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    A confirmed info from Super Card official team, the Super Card tech team are trying hard to debug there new plugin----a video player for Super Card DS TWO card. And the research and development of the plugin has already finished,these days the team are doing internal debugging and optimizing and fixing bugs.

    An worker in the SC team said: compared to the previous iPlayer , the new one contains more beautiful software UI, and it has a function that can automatically adjust the CPU power. Because it has the intelligence chip, so players don’t need to worry about watching large video file. Because the new item will increase the running frequency when that happens. In the opposite, if we play the small video file , the plugin will change again and reduce the power consumption!

    More details will come out in next week, and I believe the Super Card tech team will release this more powerful more interesting video player! It will be better than iPlayer. Let’s look forward to it!


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    Source doesn't link to new information [​IMG]
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    Ah, I was wondering about the CPU frequency. Glad to know they've got a nifty 'auto adjust' type of feature for this.