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Mar 16, 2006
United States
So I finally placed an order at a place that delivers, and my new flashcart, a Cyclo DS, is on its way. Previously I've had an M3 Simply and an R4, both of which have broke. The first cart I got was the M3 Simply, which I received on the 1st of January last year. It worked great for months, despite it having suffered from the spring problem, but then broke in the middle of the summer, around July or August. The replacement I ordered was an R4, which also worked great for months, and did NOT suffer from the spring problem, but then around December it showed signs of dying. My DS had stopped being able to detect it and many times putting it in and out repeatedly to get it detected finally it would be found no more. So since about 2-3 weeks into December I've been flashcartless so I've not been able to get any new releases and such. So now I just play the waiting game and I should hopefully have it within a week or two.
In other news I've been playing some Uncharted, which is a fine game while the controls do what you want. It seems that the controls don't act as responsive as you'd hope sometimes. I've more than once walked off a cliff and died instead of walking in the direction that I had intended. Oh well, it's still fun to play even with that in the way.
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