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    Jan 1, 2017

    After the lackluster release of Fallout 76, a lot of gamers are returning to Fallout 4.
    However, and as we’ve already reported, the game is by default locked at 60fps.
    Thankfully, there is now a mod that can unlock its framerate. Furthermore, it fixes all of the physics issues that occurred when unlocking the framerate.

    In short, and while there was a way to unlock the framerate at launch, it was not optimal. The game had major physics and syncing issues.
    However, and almost five years after its release, PC gamers can now enjoy the game at higher framerates.

    According to its creator, this mod unlock the FPS and unties the game speed from framerate, allowing you to play with high FPS at normal speed.
    It also dynamically changes the value of fMaxTime, fMaxTimeComplex and fMaxFrameCounterDifferenceToConsiderVisible.
    As the modder noted, this will allow you to have an unlocked framerate without physics bugs.

    Additionally, this mod offers the ability to turn off vertical sync on loading screens to speed up game loading. The effect is especially noticeable if game is on SSD.
    It also fixes rotation speed of items and corpses and rotation speed in build mode. Not only that, but it fixes a problem of getting stuck when you access to the terminal and power armor.

    Basically, this mod fixes all of the issues we’ve reported and makes the game work wonderfully at framerates higher than 60fps.
    As such, we strongly suggest downloading it from here.
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