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    I finally will get my DSTwo today, and reading some stuff up I am pretty nervous about it! I read everywhere that you should update your DSTwo before updating DSTwo and stuff...what I do not understand is this:
    I assume the DSTwo will come without any firmware on it and I have to do put it myself right? Now I am on 4.4 firmware version right now, do I just download the latest firmware and install it and I am good to go?

    What is the reason for insisting to update the DSTwo before updating the 3DS itself?
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    My 3DS is on the highest firmware along with my DSTwo, I've never had any issues with mine before and neither should you if you're up to date.

    And the reason you should fully update your DSTwo prior to your 3DS's FW is because eventually Nintendo will release an update for the 3DS that will be incompatible with the DSTwo until the DSTwo team releases an upgrade. That being said, only upgrade your 3DS if your DSTwo is up to date with your 3DS.
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    DSTwo comes with firmware, it need updates for better compatibility with games.

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    DSTWO has firmware on it already, or else it would not function. What you don't have is the kernel, which can be downloaded from the Supercard official site.

    The reason to update it before updating your 3DS is exactly the same as every single other flash card out there. If you update the 3DS to a firmware version that your card does not support, then you can't use your card, and it would have to be updated in an older firmware system or a DS/Lite. The DSTWO does have a secondary update method that can be used if you update the system before the card, but it's best to not use that if at all possible because you do run the risk of bricking the card.

    You'll want to install EOS (their kernel) to your microSD card, then download the firmware update (from the same page, a little lower down) and put it on the root of your microSD. Run the supercard on your DS of choice, it'll ask to update. Do so, then you can put your games on the card and also update your 3DS. The update file is deleted once it completes successfully.
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    First of all: :lol:, that was pretty funny. Where can I do that myself? Second, yeah I read all of the guides I could find but I was a little confuse about what needed to be done.

    That is what I am confused about, "Step 4: Find a DS console (NDS\DS\DSLite\DSi\3DS) which can run this EOS system, if you have the latest version console can not run EOS system, sorry, you have to find one." Does my 4.4 3ds qualify?
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    Your 4.4 3DS is fine, don't upgrade if you want to keep Gateway compatibility. It's unlikely that your DSTWO is being shipped with a Firmware that's incompatible, even if it is you can still upgrade DSTWO Firmware, it's just a bit more complicated.