Hardware New 3DS XL no power AT ALL after nand mod.


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Oct 20, 2013
Saint Kitts and Nevis
I finished my nand mod, but now I have an issue.

I do have a9lh. When I plug in the battery and press the power button, nothing happens at all.
When I plug it into a wall, I can see the charging light. If I try to turn it on while plugged in, the power LED does a really quick and faint flash. I have checked all of the ribbion cables and redone them 3 times.

Has anyone else had this issue and found a solution, or do you have any suggestions?

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    I've heard rumors that Yuzu devs had a private stash of early Switch dumps they shared among themselves, in order to fix bugs in the emulator early
    That could definitely have complicated things
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    Imho that letter went out just to get communities to feel sorry for them and it worked out well imagine 30k a month in your pockets over an emulator
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    Good on them if they actually paid the devs with it just doesn't really add up
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    Its crazy the price of some game assets for making games, makes me wanna start making some and selling them myself. I've made my own for games I've made, just never looked at what people were getting for them online.
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    Make a early beta of the switch 2 as a emulator keep it until Nintendo announces the next version register the domain add ransom ware per every download
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    Been reading the Yuzu shut down thread while working this morning, damn it's fun reading all the comments
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    Yuzu isn't going anywhere, it just became a "Community Edition". Yuzu CE, if you will.
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    I don't care about emulators, I just enjoy the outrage.
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    BakerMan @ BakerMan: schadenfreude