New 3DS/3DS XL Flashcart Compability?

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    I plan on getting myself by the end of April. By then, I want to know what flashcarts can work on the new 3DS or its XL variant. May it either be a flashcart that can only run DS games or can also run 3DS Games. Thanks in advance.
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    You have lots of options. Do your homework.

    If you get a New3SDXL and want to run Gateway 3DS you'll also need Cubic Ninja or ZeldaOOT game or a Sky3DS to "mimic" them.

    Cubic Ninja = $20 (roughly)
    Zelda OOT = what is it now? $75?
    Sky3DS = $80-100
    Gateway 3DS = $70-100

    The worst part is you need a system on firmware 9.2 or below. The new Majora's Mask LE comes with 9.4.

    Search our threads for how to check UPC codes for what firmware they have installed.

    If you get an old 3DSXL again, make sure it has 9.2 firmware. Check UPC codes.

    If you want a flashcart that runs old NES/SNES/GB/GBA/DS games, you need to wait for the new DSTwoPlus to come out. Otherwise R4i Gold also runs DS/older games. Just not as handy as DSTwo.

    The Gateway 3DS also can run DS games and pretty much does everything. So that's your best bet.

    If you accidentally get a 3DSXL (new or old) above 9.2 you're only choice to run 3DS games is Sky3DS.

    Now click on that link, and READ READ READ... don't let your $$$ burn a hole in your pocket. Get your 3DSXL first, find out your firmware version, DON'T UPDATE IT OR USE eSHOP, and go from there.

    Make sure you get below 9.2 firmware.

    Happy hunting! :yay:
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